Northeast Tennessee

The Jellybear

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

64 degrees, very nice morning.  Heavy dew.  QIC: Honeysuckle

Jester complains about not getting grass on shoes.  We move to the field.

TTT (IC) X 10

Abe Vigoda (IC) X 10

Hillbilly Walker (IC) X 10

LBACs (IC) X 20 (F), then X 20 (R), then Chinook X 20

Merkin (IC) X 10

LBCs (IC) X 30

Monkey Humpers (IC) X 10

Merkin (IC) X 10

1/4 Slaughter Starter (Sorry Baby, all I had given I knew what was coming up.)


Just funnin’ around: Start out with a  jog around the track.  About 3/4 lap in (1 lap would have taken too long), stop and introduce the FNGs and some of the newer Pax to Jack Webb.  Sets 1 thru 6.  Jog another half lap and introduce them to Lt. Dan.  Sets 1 thru 5.  Jog back to the bleachers and grab some coupons.

The real deal: Mosey to crawl bear hill.  Pax divided into groups of 3.  Pax #1 kettle bell swings at bottom.  Pax #2 Crawl bear up hill.  Pax #3 burpees.  Recovery is a nice jog back to the bottom to tag off, R&R.  Team goal: 100 burpees; 300 kettle bell swings.

Mosey to the bearmuda triangle (remixed): Crazy things happen here.  For example, Honeysuckle gets clockwise/counterclockwise confused.  Seriously this place is really disorienting.  3 cones in a triangle 30 yards apart.  Shotgun start with 3 groups.  Cone 1: 5 burpees, Cone 2: 10 Merkins, Cone 3: 20 block curls.  Bear crawl to the next station.  Rinse and repeat until 6:15.

Breaking from form, here are some stats for those so inclined:

Temp: 64 degrees; Field conditions: Very wet (& grassy) – note to Honcho “grassy” not “gassy”; Distance: 0.91 miles; Merkins: approximately 130; Pax: 26; FNGs: 4; Why “The jellybear”? – because if you did it all, your arms felt like jelly……

Top 5 reasons to do bear crawls:

#5: They make your shoulders big

#4: You look good doing them

#3: They’re better than shoulder pretzels

#2: It’s a really good work-out

#1: Queen hates them

FNGs: Precious (R); Bunyan; Matlock; Capsize

“Encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I Thes 5:11.  Just a reminder that being a leader is more than telling others what to do.  We can tear others down or we can build them up.  How often do you do this with your wife, your kids, your co-workers?  From a Biblical standpoint – the Bible says it, Jesus lived, we should too.  From a secular standpoint – you can be a tyrant and bark orders, people may follow you out of obligation but they won’t respect you.  When you encourage as you lead, you will earn the respect of others and they will follow out of admiration, not fear.  Just a reminder that we are called to be servant leaders.  You can hold firm and be nice while doing.  You can encourage others and make them better while doing it.
Fia launch coming soon.

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