Northeast Tennessee

A prime example of geometric, not arithmetic

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

The weather was nice (I can’t remember the details).  Only a little damp from the deluge of rain the night before.  What a great morning for a Pythagorean inspired Q.

TTT (IC) X 11

Abe Vigoda (IC) X 11

Hillbilly Walkers (you know like Imperial Walkers but Hillbilly style) (IC) X 19

LBACs (IC) X 23 (F) HOLD IT – reverse X 23 – HOLD IT – Chinook X 11

Annies led by Q

LBCs (IC) X 21 (Pythagoras points out this is NOT a prime number)

Monkey Humpers (IC) X 11 (showed Pythagoras with these)

Merkins (IC) X 11

1/2 Slaughter Starter (Disagree with Donatello, if its in the warm-up its still a starter)


Things started out with an innocent Indian Run, Double Applesauce Style with 2 coupons each line from the Honeysuckle  corn shed.  This is a new adventure for the Ironhorse PAX.  The PAX didn’t disappoint, Donatello didn’t play quarterback and Rite-Aid’s no receiver.  There were multiple 5 burpee penalties.  There is blood.  Honcho is implicated.  Coldcall can’t see.  Not sure what was up with group 2.  1 lap is enough.

Next a quick circuit with 4 stations, increasing reps geometrically, of course.

Station 1: Burpee X 5; Hand Release Merkin X 10; Squats X 20; Flutter Kicks X 40

Station 2: Merkins X 10; Monkey Humpers X 20; Plank Jacks X 40; American Hammers X 80

Station 3: Burpee X 5; BB Sit-ups X 10; Kettlebell Swings X 20; Curls X 40

Station 4: Heels to Heaven X 10; Imperial Walker X 20; LBCs X 40

Most PAX made it around once, some a little more.  The mumble chatter completely ceased so a change-up was needed.  Mosey to the amphitheater.

Final Thang: The Derkin Coon Crawlbear

5 Burpees in the concrete jungle; Derkin walk (no idea what to call this) around row 1 of the amphitheater; row 2 – Donkey Kicks X 20; row 3 – Raccoon Crawl along wall back to row 4 – Derkins X 10; 5 burpees on the Sundial.  Run to the steps, crawlbear up the stairs, run back to the concrete jungle.  Rinse and repeat as needed.

Time called.  Mosey to the starting point.

Boat/canoe (called by the Q)

Imperial Walkers (IJC) “In Jester Cadence”



Galatians 5:14 – For the entire law is fulfilled in one statement: love your neighbor as yourself.

Just a reminder to put others first.  Don’t forget who our “neighbors” truly are.  Don’t forget those closest to us.  Love your wives, your children, your friends, your colleagues as you love yourself.  Donatello oftentimes calls this living third.  That’s a good description.  Most importantly gentlemen, just don’t forget who is 1st.  He will help you set that moral compass.

Great update on Grillz family.
Kingsport launch this Saturday, August 12th.  Fia Launch on August 19th.  CHANGE OF TIME FOR F3 BOOTCAMP TO 6:00 AM ON AUGUST 19TH.

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