Northeast Tennessee

Block Runs and Sprint Work

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Weather was a perfect 64 degrees and just the right humidity for maximum sweat. 8 PAX descended on The Hill for an agility/run workout to break the football field in a few days before the first Topper home game.
SSH – 15 IC
TTT – 10 IC

1 Lap around the track

Round 1

Using the football field to run blocks, building from 10 yards to 100 yards. PAX remained on the goal line performing a series of moves each round. Round 1 first PAX ran down the goal line, up the sideline, across the 10 yard line, back down the opposite sideline, and back to the goal line. Each PAX began their run when the PAX in front of them hit the 10 yard line. Cycle repeats for 10 rounds until we ran every block using each 10 yard line. Moves were performed from the time the first PAX left the line until the last PAX finished their run. Moves were as follows:

  1. Quick feet
  2. Side to side hops
  3. Broad jumps to the 5 yard line and back
  4. Tuck Jumps
  5. Plank Walkers
  6. Carioca to the 10 yard line and back
  7. Plank Hops
  8. Mountain Climbers
  9. Merkins
  10. Burpees

Round 2

Beginning at the goal line, progressive sprint ladder with set reps to each 10 yard line

  • 10 and back
  • 20 and back (x’s 2)
  • 30 and back (x’s 3)
  • 40 and back (x’s 4)
  • 50 and back (x’s 5)
  • Opposite 40 and back (x’s 4)
  • Opposite 30 and back (x’s 3)
  • Opposite 20 and back (x’s 2)
  • Opposite 10 and back
  • Final all out sprint to the opposite goal line

Total mileage if all reps completed 3.32 miles.


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