Northeast Tennessee

What’s it take to cramp a Ninja Turtle?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

10 of NE TN finest found their way to The Hill on a cool 57 degree morning. The Q had gone unclaimed until the 11th hour but it’s easy to plan. Run Group = run.

TTT – 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes – 10 IC

Jog 1 lap around the track

Joel Jump and Merkins – to my knowledge, the PAX have never been introduced to the now infamous Joel Jump. Throw in some mileage on the football field and Merkins, that’s a recipe for success. Beginning on the goal line 15 Joel Jumps and sprint to the 10 yard line for 5 plyo merkins. Sprint back to the goal line, 15 Joel Jumps, and sprint to the 20 for 10 plyo merkins. Rinse and repeat for every 10 yard mark doing half the number of reps to the corresponding yard line (40 yard line = 20 merkins). Quick recovery and on to the next round.

Partner static holds – The PAX partnered up with partner 1 remaining on the goal line holding a static move while partner 2 sprints to the opposite goal line. When partner 2 returns, switch and partner 1 runs to the goal line. Work your way down each 10 yard on the field. Static moves were:

Opposite goal line – Chair

Opposite 10 – Canoe

Opposite 20 – Superman

Opposite 30 – Middle floor merkin

Opposite 40 – Plank with a leg lift

50 – Plank with a leg lift (switch legs)

40 – Middle floor merkin

30 – Superman

20 – Canoe

10 – Chair

We had 6 minutes left with nothing in the plan so why not stay partnered up and run 40 yard gassers for a finisher.

2.25 long, tough miles


Still looking for 2-3 guys and a lady for our Dragon Boat team. Race is September 9th. .

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