Northeast Tennessee

Minute to Win It

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Warm and humid morning in the gloom. Around 70 degrees with a lot of humidity. QIC was wondering if it would be raining when I stepped out, but alas, no rain…. and for the entire workout!
PRAYER – Pythagoras
SSH  IC X 25

LBAC  IC X 20 Forward, then IC X 20 Backwards

Through the Tunnel IC X 10 (at a pace that encourages stretching, not pulling @kardashian  🙂

Slow Ride Squats  IC X 15

Imperial Walkers IC X 25

Mosey a stair Lap


The Thang was pretty simple today, 5 classic movements (The Merkin, Big Boy Sit Ups, Squats, Block Curls, and Flutter Kicks) for one minute AMRAP, with a 30 second recovery period. At the end of each round, we took a stair lap.   Before the Pain began, the QIC did a quick demonstration of each movement with proper form. After demonstrating the Merkin, and ways to cheat the movement, a PAX (who shall remain anonymous) felt moved enough to give the QIC a hug while the QIC was still in the planked position. #awkward. Moving on…. The PAX were encouraged throughout the workout to be proud of their movements and not to cheat.

We made it through 3 rounds of the 5 exercises before time was called.
The QIC told the PAX that with 5 minutes left, this is the time that we usually would do some Mary. However, because everyone had a block in front of them the QIC ceased the moment. Next exercise … Block Presses X 20. At this point we had just enough time for the last exercise…. Block Rows X 20. Penn-Seagal mentioned that somewhere around 10 would have felt good, put he appreciated pushing to 20.
PRAYER – Pythagoras
I mentioned in my prayer that the grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word on the Lord stands forever. My hope and prayer for all the F3 brothers is that we would spending at least an equal amount of time building our spiritual health as we do our physical health in the gloom. Our bodies will eventually fail us, no matter how many Merkins (even with proper form) we can do. Our Rescuer and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was raised on the third day from the dead and is currently seated at the right hand of God, will not fail us. He has promised not to …

Welcome FNG- Harrison Flynn aka PeachFuzz (from Atlanta)
Still need a rower or two for the Dragon Boat Race

Goliath at the Gorge

GrowRuck 05

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