Northeast Tennessee

Ride the waves

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was an overcast morning with zero precip and a balmy 68 degrees that greeted the PAX as they descended upon the Arrowhead AO. Wispy, ethereal dreams of increased vigor and robust constitutions echoed between ears, even as hearts quickened at the 5:30 call to movement. Also, zero butt swats were transacted.
WARM IT UP, KRIS! We circled up as men on the grassy field, shunning the oblong ellipse that ensconced us in its asphalt womb in prior days. Some remarked that Honeysuckle had the idea to do that on Tuesday, but, you know, whatever, we still did it for my Q too.

LBAC IC x 15
LBAC Reverse IC x 15
TTT IC x 10
Willy Mays Hays IC x 10
SSH Burpee Ladder Up (10 SSH IC, followed by 1 Burpee OYO up to 5). Total is 100 SSH and 15 Burpees going up.

The crimson blood of the PAX thunders in our ears as we greedily anticipate the THANG.


Thinking about Houston and the Gulf, we worked in waves today. And thinking of myself, we did no running and did exercises that my body hates to love.

Split into 4 groups of 5 or 6 to complete the waves. Rest for 10-30 seconds between each wave, and modify as needed.

Wave of Merkins 5 down to 1. First Pax does 5 Merkins while the rest plank, then down the line each man does 5. Then 4,3,2,1 – stay in Plank the entire time.

Wave of Jump Squats 5 down to 1. Hold squat position while the wave is completed. Feel the wave wash over you.

Wave of Shoulder Pretzels, 5 down to 1. Hold Carolina Dry Dock position while you wait for your part of the wave.

Wave of Crunchy Frogs, 5 down to 1. Hold canoe position while you wait your turn. Boat if your courage falters.

Rinse and repeat and see how far you can go. Our squad of 5 completed four sets of waves, for a total of 60 Merkins, Jump Squats, Shoulder Pretzels, and Crunchy Frogs, plus about 25 minutes of soul-crushing isometric goodness.

Ended with a descending SSH Burpee Ladder, down from 5 to 1, for another 100SSH and 15 burpees.

I spoke about two things. First, visiting another AO in Greeneville, NC struck me with how similar the F3 groups really are across the Southeast, and yet this is the case without a figurehead and/or real set of rules or doctrine. This decentralization is a key strategy for many groups and movements (including some that are not-so-great). But the strength is that we focus on our commonality and our core principles, and then allow the minor differences to be just that – minor. The early church achieved much in a short amount of time with this model, and Paul’s writings often urge the early church to focus on what makes them similar and to look to God to guidance, not the apostle Paul or Apollos or Dredd or even PBS. I encourage all of us to look for and celebrate things that are common among us and the people that God has placed in our lives, for we are more alike than different in the end.

Also, don’t be afraid to share prayer requests. It’s dumb to have a group of doods around you that genuinely care and in some cases may be able to offer material and/or prayer help for your needs. We weren’t built by God to do things alone – the triune nature of God is relational in its core and we are, too. Much love to my brothers who feel comfortable sharing and to those that do not.

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