Northeast Tennessee

Tacos for breakfast? With extra seasoning? We will feel this later!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 64 degrees with a light drizzle upon arrival which quickly disappeared. (Just enough rain to make the ground nice and wet for rolling around later)

YHC started with a pre-Post 25 ‘merkins payment since I had doubt the FNG the QIC invited would show.  There was lots of mumble chatter this morning – mostly about Whiff actually showing up on time. He was puzzled we started with a disclaimer, prayer and other exercises before Little Baby Arm Circles. Who knew?  QIC – Swirly put a stop to most of it adhering to the 5:30 sharp start time.  YHC had to add in more with a “Welcome back, Kotter” to Sugar Daddy. 


  • Motivators – 5
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 10
  • LBAC – IC – 15  I think? YHC and Floppy Disk were mumble chattering too much
  • LBAC in Rev. – IC – 15
  • Arm Pretzels – IC -15
  • Motivators – 5
  • Mosey a lap – More mumble chattering from YHC but hey, just because the QIC is my 2.2 doesn’t mean he gets a pass.

Back in May or June, Swirly’s first Q, he gave us TACOs.  Today he brought a second helping but this time he felt the PAX were ready for some Tacos WITH seasoning.

  • MEAT – ‘Merkin Rolls – 15
  • LETTUCE – LBC – 20
  • CHEESE – Clerkins – 10
  • SHELL – Scorpion Dry Docks – 10 (each leg)
  • PICO DE GALLO – Pistol Squats – 10 (each leg)
  • TACO SAUCE – Tempo ‘Merkins  – 15
  • SOUR CREAM -San Antonio Shuffle – 5
  • GUACAMOLE – Genuines  10

MARY – PAX choice

  • American Hammer – IC- 10
  • V straddle leg up – 3 count hold
  • Lunges – IC – 10 each leg
  • Heals to Heaven – IC – 10
  • Alphabet – OYO
  • X-Men sit up – IC – 10
  • Freddy Mercury – IC – 5
  • LBC – IC (whether it be slow, fast or HOLD) – 10
  • Fire Hydrant – IC – 10 each leg
  • LBAC/ LBAC in Rev – IC – 10
  • Flutter Kicks – IC – 50 (LOTS of baby making noises)


  • Count-a-roma – 15 (1 FNG)
  • Name-a-roma – FNG – UCHS JROTC Col. Jack Rickman- 54 (R) – Married, 3 kids – Retired USAF call sign Fred63 – Flintstone
  • Prayers –  Prayers for Sugar Daddy’s family as well as all other in TX.

YHC is going to take this time to express the fraternal pride he has for the QIC.  Swirly is 15 years old.  In some ways he is a typical teenager but most days he amazes me.  He is so helpful around the house.  If you want a PAX that is putting himself 3rd, Swirly does.  The QIC thinks about others before himself. He worries about other kids at school and prays for them.  He is a young man of Faith!  I know he will do great things. He IS already doing great things.   Ask yourself if, at 15 years old, you could stand in front of 15-20 PAX, grown men and lead a post!?!?!?  I know Pops gave him some crap during the workout today but it’s cause he is one of us and even more, I am proud that he is my son! TCLAPS Swirly, TCLAPS!

Second week of an informal run group will be at Unicoi Elementary School Track @ 5:15 am tomorrow. (Friday)   Murph Challenge on Monday time moved again, 7 am.  (Sorry, Ms have their post till 6:15 in JC so 6:30 would be hard for several)  Escape Hatch and YHC stressed the points Donatello sent in the email yesterday.  Get a base time and work from there!  Use it to gauge your progress through your F3 journey. Form over anything!

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