Northeast Tennessee

Resting Uneasy in the Valley

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

11 guys (1 FNG) started their day at Iron Valley on a clear (at the time) 65 degree morning.  YHC wasn’t sure who would turn up after a weekend that included a lot of college football and a Murph, but was impressed (like a waffle) once again with men of Unicoi County.


  • Abe Vigoda x15 IC
  • Motivator from 7
  • Through the Tunnel x15 IC
  • Squats (3 count hold) x15 IC
  • LBAC x15 IC –> Arms straight out front for a 30 count –> LBAC in reverse x15 IC
  • Willie Mays Hayes x15 IC
  • LBCs x15 IC –> hold legs straight out for a 30 count
  • Valley Merkins (there might be some other name for these, I’m not sure – start in plank position and go down 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, then to your nose, go up 1/4, 1,2, 3/4, all the way up on QIC’s call) x3 –> hold plank position for a 30 count
  • Mosey a lap around the car loop


Part 1: “Rest for the weary”

Several PAX in attendance completed the Murph yesterday and, apparently, there was some sportsball game on last night that kept people up late. Therefore, some folks were moving slowly this morning. YHC anticipated that this may be the case and, taking inspiration from recent backblasts from other NETN AOs, decided to have a “rest” themed workout. PAX broke up into groups of 3-4. There were four stations set up around the loop, each consisting of one isometric and one dynamic exercise (for efficiency, all “rest” positions were practiced during the COP). At each station the group would hold an isometric “rest” position while the first member performed a dynamic exercise. Then everyone holds the “rest” position while the second member performs the dynamic exercise. Continue until everyone has completed the dynamic exercise and then go back down the line so that everyone does the dynamic exercise twice at each station.  Then mosey the loop (plus a little more) to get to the next station. Each station consisted of the following exercises:

  • Station 1: plank / merkins x10
  • Station 2: hold broom handle straight in front of body at shoulder level / mosey 1 lap
  • Station 3: on your six, hold feet six inches off the ground / big boy sit ups x 10
  • Station 4: People’s chair / squat x10

Part 2: “Sprint-tac-toe”

A wooden tic-tac-toe grid was placed at the end of the field and the PAX were divided into two teams. Team 1 had three small pieces of blue PVC pipe and Team 2 had three small pieces of white PVC pipe. One member of each team sprinted to the grid and left their PVC in a cell of their choosing while the rest of the PAX did side straddle hops. When they returned, the next member of their team sprinted to the grid and made a play. Once all three of a team’s PVC pipes had been placed on the board, each sprinter could move one of their team’s pieces to a more advantageous position. Play continued until one team proved their superior physical and mental agility (and then was immediately accused of cheating by the slower, slower team).

Sweat angels x30 IC

This was a fun workout with a great group of fellers. As someone who moved to the area on the same day the Iron Valley AO was launched, this group has certainly been beneficial to me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. More importantly, this group has benefited my family by helping us to get plugged into the community much more quickly than we would have been able to otherwise. I’m sincerely thankful for this blessing. I’m trying to be more intentional about not hoarding blessings, so I’m starting to become more active about encouraging others to give F3 a try. This is hard for me. For whatever reason, I’m much more comfortable inviting folks to church than telling them about a workout group. Like many other things, I’m workin’ on it.

Escape Hatch is on the Q in Kingsport on Saturday. Hawkeye will be on the Q at Iron Valley on Saturday.

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