Northeast Tennessee

Hello darkness my old friend.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather – warm, but starting to cool a bit, Fall is in the air.

16 Pax: Redcard, Cold call, Swingline, Twilight, Rite-aid, Cooter, Bach, Longhorn, Penn-Seagal, Refill, Crampon(R), Sleepy, Kardashian, Ponch, Chum(R), Roadblock


COT/Prayer – Roadblock

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop x 15 (4 count in cadence)

Merkins x 10(4 count in cadence)

Through the Tunnel x 10 (4 count in cadence)

The Thang

16 men erased the silence, and out of the dark and gloom light was shed on the need for speed.

Legs to Light speed —-> Approx 30 sec Mosey followed by approx 30 sec Sprint, followed by 30 sec cool down with pain stations after each leg. PS 1 = 40 Merkins, 40 Big Boy Site Ups, and 40 Squats, PS 2 = 30 Diamond Merkins, 30 Crunches, 30 Squats, PS 2 = 20 Ranger Merkins, 20 Sphinx Crunches and then back to PS 1. Rotated through back to PS 1 once around Iron Horse Inner Loop minus Amped-Theater Section. (Approx 30 min constant motion was the focus and mostly achieved) Mighty Murph men were offered the chance to only do the core exercise and stretch during pain stations as needed to clear the muscles. However, most seemed to throw caution to the wind and smoked it. You murphing monsters impress the hell out of me

Tomb-Burp Ladder – 1 Burpee – Run to Top – 6 Burpess – 7 times till the script was flipped……time caught us before we finished, but not before a Burpee Train juuuuust as we were about to finish. Shortest train to ever go by Iron Horse, like a 3 burpee mini train. Mosey back to Amped-Theater.

Drum Circle:  A most tranquil morning was brought to life and light. Through our darkness and our pain much negative karma was shed and our center once again focused. The sounds of industrialized rubber soled workout gear beat upon the earth, grass, cement, in a rhythm of pain only shared with those who face the gloom and darkness. Darkness was beaten away with said pain and a whole lotta camaraderie.



Welcome to our Chartreuse Micro-Bus Sleepy and Longhorn. It’s more like a pain wagon with emotional and spiritual support with a rocking injection of leadership. There willbe laughs, food, CSUAP events and 2ndF, 3rdF righteous action. Stick around and we hope to see you every week, getting better, stronger and getting more out of life.

COT/Closing Prayer – Roadblock

Prayers for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, their health and a speedy recovery.

Announcements:  Dragonboat and Goliath in the Gorge Reminders.

Moleskin:  F3 is the place where darkness and silence come to die. Where Fear and uncertainty are shredded. Faith is restored. Sweat by the bucket load is shed. If it hits you in the right spot maybe a tear or two will shed as well. So when you feel the darkness creeping in, whether it is self created, or just simply life testing your faith, resilience and mental capacity to handle just one more thing….remember there are a bunch of active studs out there trying to get better in your community, to make a better community through them self and you. They may be able to help, share a common darkness and their personal remedy. As always they motivate you through the pain of a dark Tuesday morning Q. I know they did it for me this morning. It is not lost upon me your commitment and I close with a heartfelt Thanks to each of you men.

Chua brothers – Roadblock Out


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