Northeast Tennessee

Jeopardy-Iron Valley Style. The 2nd F for 500 Burpee Please, Doc.

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 47 degrees

  • LBAC -IC – 15
  • LBAC in Rev – IC – 15
  • Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 15
  • Merkins – IC – 15
  • Hillbilly Walkers – IC – 15
  • Goofballs – IC – 15
  • Mosey

YHC decided today he would try his best Alex Trebek impersonation.  The modified version of Jeopardy was presented to see how much each PAX knew about another. There was 6 Catagories (2 PAX names) with 4 questions (2 for each PAX).  In addition each category was given an exercise. We went around the COT giving the PAX a choice of a Category.  Whatever exercise was associated with each category the group immediately began that exercise.  The group continued the said exercise till the PAX selected A, B, C or D from the Category.  Each question was assigned an unknown random value. Which they later found out would be the number of Burpees they would perform if they answered the question wrong. The rest of the group continued their exercise till the PAX was done with the Burpees.  If they answered the question right the rest of the group moseyed a lap while said PAX stayed and continued the exercise assigned to that Category.

  • Doc and Swirly. – LBC
    A. Doc Ock’s ratio of 2.0s.   Boys:Girls
    B. Swirly was born in what state
    C. Swirly’s favorite dessert
    D. Doc was two time all conference in what sport in college
  • Whiff and Carney – Plank
    A. Carney’s M works where
    B. Whiff graduated from undergrad college
    C. Carney is the only Iron Valley PAX with twins  – T or F
    D. Both of Whiffs 2.0’s names
  • Slugger and Escape Hatch – ‘Merkins
    A. When asked for an interesting fact Slugger said I once took a church history exam in my underwear  –  T or F
    B. Sluggers F3 name Slugger because
    C. 2 colleges did Escape Hatch attend
    D. Branch of the military was Escape Hatch in
  • Floppy Disk and Grillz – SSH
    A. Grillz newest 2.0’s name
    B. Number of 2.0s Floppy Disk has
    C. Grillz move from
    D. Floppy Disk was a DJ for WEMB – T or F
  • Barn Door and Capo. – Squats
    A. Barn Door is from what state
    B. Capo’s M works for
    C. Capo and his M went here this summer
    D. Barn Door’s M is scheduled to have their 2.0
  • Hawk Eye and Ma Bell – Lunges
    A. Ma Bell coaches this sport
    B. Hawkeye is from this state
    C. Hawkeye’s favorite Hockey team
    D. Ma Bells 2.0 is in this grade


  • Pickle Pounders – IC – 10
  • Heals to Heaven – IC – 10
  • Sweat Angels – IC – 10
  • V straddle leg hold – 3 Count Hold – 5


  • Count- a- rama  -17
  • Name -a-rama  – 1 FNG – KG Shultz, works at NFS, married with (2) 2.0s, –  Homer

PRAYER –  General guidance but an extra blessing over Barn Door, his M and their baby girl to be born tomorrow.
I have enjoyed challenging myself for new or different ideas for the Q.  I really enjoyed this one because it not only hit the 1st F as usual but also the 2nd F.   I felt Iron Valley has been going strong for over 5 months now and I wanted to know how well we have got to know each other.  We are a STRONG group of men of Faith.  F3 was designed with 3 Fs for a reason. Each of equal importance.  YHC hopes he did a good job providing some insight on fellow PAX, which I hope reflected well on the value of the 2nd F.  I heard a great deal of laughter and groaning so I felt it accomplished maximum challenge without the realization of how much effort we put in this morning.
Escape Hatch has the Q in Kingsport on Saturday.  We also have Hawk Eye as Q on Saturday here at Iron Valley. Swirly and YHC will complete the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial 110 stair climb in Kingsport on Saturday as well.

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