Northeast Tennessee

“Why’d we bring the blocks?”

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

September 14, 2017

Awesome temperature

A bit moist

Slaughter Starter–20 Burpees OYO (it’s to be expected now and the mumble chatter begins)

Indian Run to the Playground Clockwise around the school but first drop off blocks at the goal line before we left the field (i.e. the long way-with 16 of us we went up the hill in the front and back to the playground so everybody got a turn).

Circle up


Hand Release Merkins-HRM (with emphasis on the chest on the ground and elbow lock at the top to do Merkins the right way) x 10 IC

TTT x 14 IC

HRM x 8 IC

Smurf Jacks x 14 IC

HRM x 6 IC

Road Runners x 14 IC

HRM x 4 IC

IW x 14 IC

HRM x 2 IC (I think I heard someone say, ‘it wasn’t worth going to ground…’) Hmm, ok let’s do more….


  • Move to the Pull up Bars.  While one PAX counts and does 5 Pullups, the remaining PAX do Merkins at the same time.  Rotate PAX on the Bars until all do 5 Pullups (and a total of 75 merkins)

It was during this time I heard someone say, “Why’d we even bring the blocks?”  Hmm, ok, let’s go find out…

  • Mosey to the Goal line where blocks were waiting
  • Split in Pairs.  Each pair of PAX will do Cumulative 100 of the following exercises.  While PAX 1 is doing the exercise, PAX 2 runs to the opposite goal line and back. Switch out.  Once all three exercises are done, do 5 burpees to signify the end of the Round. The exercises:
    • 100 Hillbilly Block Swings
    • 100 Curls for the Girls
    • 100 Overhead Presses

Keeping my eye on the clock I wanted 6 minutes for Abs:

  • Windshield Wipers–Left/Right at Q’s command
  • Pretzel Crunches x 14 IC each side (a new crowd favorite I believe)
  • Heel Touches x 14 IC
  • Frog Kicks x 14 IC


New Saturday Schedule in place; CSAUP events: Goliath, GoRuck

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