Northeast Tennessee

Defending the Hail Mary

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

QIC was still flustered with the overall effort during Saturday’s UT game, particularly getting beat on a Hail Mary pass play. A gloomy 56 degree morning seemed like the perfect opportunity to break-out the old DB drills to ensure none of the PAX would ever get beat deep on the Hail Mary. 9 PAX took to the field at The Hill for some football work.
TTT – 10 IC

Jog 1 lap.
Round 1 – Semi-warm-up sprint ladder.

  • 2×20
  • 3×30
  • 4×40
  • 1×50

Round 2 – UT was beat on a 63 yard pass. Cone was placed at the 37. PAX were asked to backpedal 20 yards and then turn for a sprint to the goal line to defend the deep ball. Rinse and repeat for 4 reps.

Round 3 – Box drills. 4 cones were placed in a 20×20 square. Start with a sprint to each cone, then shuffle, then backpedal, and then finish with a face forward drill using all 3 moves. Rinse and repeat.

Round 4 – Let’s work on our tackling. Line up behind the 1 man sled. Rotate through allowing each PAX to hit and drive it for a 10 count.

Round 5 – Can’t have a football Q without a little QB challenge. A large trashcan was placed at the 20 yard line. PAX took turns seeing if anyone could hit the target for a 1 minute break. Sadly, this never happened. Each miss resulted in a sprint to circle up around the ball for some high knees and either burpees or QB choice of penalty. Many merkins, flutter kicks, SSH, and burpees were dealt.

Finish up with a cool down jog around the field.


Prayers for Rite Aid as his youngest 2.0 has some testing this week.

Goliath at the Gorge is coming up in Oct. get signed up.

Donatello is still looking for 4+ PAX for GrowRuck in November.

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