Northeast Tennessee

We’re Talking Baseball….Squats, Monkey Humpers, Burpees and Super Burpees….Baseball….

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Time: 5:30 a.m.

Weather:  Awesome

Pax:  Excited for my Birthday Q!  Or was that just me?!


  • Slaughter Starter +1 (21 is half of 42, my age tmrw)
  • Shoulder Pretzels x 42 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclubs–Q’s Command
  • TTT x 21 IC
  • Merkins x 21 IC
  • Squats x 21 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x 21 IC

Indian Run 1 lap around the track.  Then Mosey to the Baseball Field next to the track.


So YHC is left handed.  And on September 21, lefty Steve Carlton threw his 3,118th strikeout to pass Bob Gibson’s prior record. So today we played some Dice Baseball.  Each Pax will have a chance from homeplate to roll a dice left handed and the number rolled corresponds to the following:

  • 1–Single–all Pax sprint to First Base and do 25 Merkins
  • 2–Double–all Pax sprint to Second Base and do 25 Squats
  • 3–Triple–all Pax sprint to Third Base and do 25 Monkey Humpers
  • 4–Homerun–All Pax Bearcrawl to Second Base and back
  • 5–Out–All Pax do 15 Burpees at Homplate
  • 6–Strikeout!–All Pax do 10 Super Burpees at Homeplate

After each exercise sprint back home for the next roll.  Peoples Chair or catch your breath for the six.  Rinse/Repeat until all have had an ‘at-bat’ or Q calls time.

This was a good time!  Surprisingly, no one rolled a Single or a Homerun.  Because it was a Steve Carlton anniversary, not surprisingly, many 5’s and 6’s were rolled.  Lots of Squats, Monkey Humpers, Burpees and Super Burpees were cranked out by the Pax.  YHC heard a whisper after the 3rd rolled 6 of F*** Steve Carlton…

Circle up around the Pitchers Mound

  • Flutter Kicks (arms out; shoulders off the ground) x 42 IC
  • Protractor-Q’s command of legs at 10/30/45/90 degrees
  • James Bonds-Legs 10in off ground in row position.  Hold finger guns forward/left/right at Q’s command (like a painfully slow American Hammer…)

Mosey back toward the Flag

3 minutes left so let’s do some 42 yard gassers at the Q’s command.  This too was a blast!


FNG:  James Denham–from Louisiana–works in healthcare–Welcome ‘Beignet’


A few weeks back YHC got to listen to renowned Sports Psychologist Dr. Jack Llewellyn who famously worked with John Smoltz during his days with the Braves.  Some nuggets of information gleaned from this time:

  • Positive Expectation is foundation.  Go into things expecting positive things to happen.
  • Have Good Body Language (especially when a 3rd round of Super Burpees is rolled)
  • Be Happy
  • Create a Positive Environment
  • Remember your Assets and Share your Liabilities.  Your weakness may be another’s strength and together we get better.
  • Can’t appreciate success without failure.
  • Look for something good to happen in situations
  • Recovery time from something bad:  Short or Long? The shorter the better.  Move on. Mental Flush.
  • At night make a list of people’s lives you’ve touched during the day.  We all have the opportunity every day to add joy, comfort, peace, goodwill, or love to somebody.


Bluegrass Half this weekend; Goliath in October; GoRuck in November; Need a Q for Arrowhead on Saturday.  Do you really want me again?

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