Northeast Tennessee

The Honcho and Rudy Show

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

PRAYER – Donatello interruption #1

With the slight interruption of a train, we had an unplanned slaughtered starter..
Burpee Train AMRAP
Cherry pickers
Reverse LBAC 20 IC
Split into 2 groups
1st group goes with Rudy to Tombstone Hill
2nd group with Honcho for Dora’s abtastic adventure.
The Honcho Show
Partner 1 works on the series of exercises while other partner bear crawls to the sandbags. Assumes the plank position over the bag and drag from left to right while holding the plank. Repeat 4x and then mosey to relieve partner.
World War 1 Sit Up 100
Frog Kicks 200
Flutter Kicks 300
After completing partner 1 will stand over partner 2 pushing his legs down. Heels to heaven 15 to center 15 to left and 15 to right.
Next sphinx crunches 20
Sphinx Peter Parker Crunches 20.
At that time switch groups….
The Rudy Show
Beginning at the bottom of Tombstone Hill perform 5 burpees, sprint to the top of the hill for 1min of chest/upper body, and then sprint back to the bottom for another round of burpees. Burpees increased by 1 each round until we hit 10 total. PAX had 1min to knock out the respective burpees. Any leftover time from the 1min was recovery. Moves at the top of the hill were:
  • Thumbs up merkin
  • Diamond merkin
  • Plank walkers
  • Gump jump merkin
  • 5 point merkin

Scissor twist – 1 min

Elevator merkin – originally planned for 1 minute but then Penn brought it to QIC attention that we don’t offer enough variety of elevators. Give the people what they want so we will go 90 seconds with legs raised.

Flutter kicks – 50 IC
PRAYER – Donatello interruption #2 as the train was quickly approaching

Burpee train #2 arrived just before the PAX could exit the field, thus AMRAP burpees once again

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