Northeast Tennessee

Do you feel lucky?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

A perfect 59 degrees for 24 PAX to put in some work and go toe-to-toe in a burpee showdown. Glory had to bow out of the Q due to his full contact volleyball injury which left QIC little time to plan. Jobs 4/1 deck of death beat down from Saturday inspired a similar workout plan.

COP – Jester has added an all too frequent rear end slap following each prayer. Something tells me this doesn’t happen at church but is perfectly acceptable with a bunch of men in the gloom.
TTT – 10 IC

Merkin – 15 IC

LBAC – 10 IC

LBAC Reverse – 10 IC

A cone was placed at the normal warm-up spot and 2 cones spread out roughly 50 yards from the center in opposite directions. PAX were split into 2 groups, 1 at each far cone. A deck of cards was given to each group which was split between each far cone and the center cone. Cards 8-King were placed at the far cones to guarantee higher rep counts and cards 2-7 were placed at the center cone. QIC also added the Aces to the center decks as a bonus bupree card. Each group draws a card from the far deck, performs the move indicated by the suit (see below) and reps indicated by the value of the card. Face cards were 10 reps. The group then ran back to the center card for a good old fashion game of war (thanks to Jester for reminding me what the game is called) with burpee consequences for the losers. Once both groups returned to the center cone, 1 PAX from each team drew a card. Highest card wins and the losing group owes 5 burpees. Aces were bonus cards worth a 10 burpee penalty. Rinse and repeat for several rounds. QIC called everyone back to the center cone with 5min remaining for a burpee showdown. Groups went card after card with burpees being dealt. As luck would have it (or maybe slight of hand) the last round ended in a tie of Aces with 10 burpees for everyone.



Welcome to FNGs:

  • Averil Chaney – Care Bear – We got very little into his story before he shared he was originally from the town of Sunnybright (or something of that nature) which immediately triggered the name that stuck.
  • Shane McCown – Help Desk – Another PBS FNG who works as an systems engineer and leads a team of IT specialists.

Donatello continues the recruitment of PAX for the GoRuck event which may or may not move to Knoxville. More details to come and training has started.

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