Northeast Tennessee

Iron Horse on ALARM

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

18 men set feet to the floor and decided to shake off the things that would hold them back.  They set to work in perfect Fall morning conditions..
DISCLAIMER – as everyone was about to learn first hand, I am NOT a professional.
The warmup started with the best of intentions but this VQ is grateful there was not too much chatter about false starts, inconsistent cadences, or on the fly changes.

Motivators from 8 – Q started at 1, I think, and regained composure

Through the tunnel 10 – that was OK

Shoulder pretzels 20 – good

‘Mercians 10 – Eh

Hillbilly walkers 20 – VQ’s cadence took the mighty Iron Horse completely off the rails and VQ called an audible and instructed the PAX to complete OYO.

VQ pulled the ALARM for his first go-round.  Opting for a stuttering version.

ALARM is Arms, Legs, Abs, Run, ‘Mercians.

First level:

– Incline ‘Mercians – 20

L – Lunges – 15 each leg

A – American hammers – 20

Second level:

A – Carolina dry docks – 20

L – Box jumps – 20

A – Heelies – 25

Third level:

A – Dips – 30

L – Squats – 40

A – LBC – 50

– Run a lap around the inside of the park

M – ‘Mercians – 20

Rinse and repeat till time.  Most all made it through two rounds, I think three total was the max.  You guys rock!

Waiting on runners to finish up, Brownie suggested LBC till the 6 arrived.  All was well and good till VQ did not realize the 6 returned and was well on the way to calling out 60+.
In one of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons, Homer catches the invention bug and decides he can surely come up with a million dollar idea.  The best one in my opinion was the Everything’s OK Alarm.  It is designed to beep as long as nothing bad is happening.  Classic!

For me its when everything’s OK is when I need to be most on guard.  Lulled into a sense of complacency I can be lazy, unconcerned about others, or worse.  Charles Stanley says that men are most at risk of sin when they are Bored, Angry, Tired, or Hungry.   (I am full of acronyms today)  If you find yourself in the BATH remember that a lion is looking for you.  Get up, do something, seek restoration, exercise (it will beat back tired and remind you to eat well).

Don’t forget Goliath and Grow Ruck, plenty of links out there if you want to participate.

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