Northeast Tennessee

The Princess and the Bears

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

It was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit when 9 PAX set out with gusto to not let this day pass them by without improving.
Abe Vigoda – 10 IC

Through the Tunnel – 15 IC

Motivator from 9

Little Baby Arm Circles – 25 IC forward and reverse

Rockette Hillbillies – 20 IC

Mosey 2 laps


  • Part(y) 1: One of the Iron Valley PAX, Floppy Disk, is away at Disney World. In his honor, we had a “Princess Tea Party”: For this party the PAX partner up and the partners face each other in the plank position. Each partner then extends their right arm to perform a patty-cake-ish hand slap; patty-caking with the left hands completes one rep. After 10 plank patty-cakes the partners stand and hold a back-to-back people’s chair for a 30 count. Rinse and repeat the 2-exercise circuit for 5 rounds.
  • Part 2: Ascending Curb Crawls: In car drop-off circle in front of the school, everyone starts on one curb, bear crawls to the other curb, executes a precise turn, puts their feet up on the curb and performs 1 derkin. Then, bear crawls to the other curb and performs 2 derkins. Repeat until 13 derkins are achieved. The PAX then completed a similar routine by lunging from curb to curb and completing squats (from 1 to 13) on each curb.
  • There was just enough time for a Motivator from 7 before moving on to Mary.

Out and ups (start on your 6 with legs 6 inches above the ground, bring knees to your chest, extend legs up in to a heels-to-heaven position) – 30 IC

Sweat angels – 15 IC

Gas pumps – 25 IC

Freddy Mercury – 30 IC

Little baby crunches – 25 IC

My M’s grandmother passed away about an hour before we began our workout this morning. This had me in a very strange head-space going into Q’ing a workout, but made me appreciate being a part of this group all the more. I’d known Bobbie Sue since I was 14 years old and started following her granddaughter around. She was always extremely kind to me. What stands out to me about her now more than anything is that she always listened thoughtfully and attentively to what I had to say, even though no one should have taken me seriously about anything until I was at least 25. It occurs to me that there is tremendous grace and power in simply listening to someone thoughtfully and attentively, even if all they have to offer is foolishness. Her example stands in stark contrast to so much of what I see and hear as I survey the landscape today. Whether it is me and my M being too busy chasing around our kids to sincerely listen to each other, being too busy trying to coordinate things to sincerely listen to our kids, making or reading vapid social media posts, or watching people shout over and past each other on TV (or Twitter), I see a lot of opportunity for me to list better. To listen like Bobbie Sue.

We talk a lot in F3 about being High Impact Men. The biggest part of being a High Impact Man is being a High Impact Person. Bobbie Sue was certainly a High Impact Person in my life. Her impact was quiet, humble, genuine, and astoundingly powerful. I’ve learned a lot from her and I really miss her.

Prayers for those affected by the Vegas shooting, Bollywood and his growing family, Capo, Ma Bell, and those traveling over fall break.

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