Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0600



  • SSH x30IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20IC
  • Squat Jumps x15IC
  • Plank Jacks x20IC
  • High Knees x40IC
  • Merkins x10IC
  • LBAC x20IC (and Rev)
  • Arm Pretzels x20IC


Coupon Interval Work (Pair up)

Routine 1
Partner 1: Speed Skater Lunges
Partner 2: Cusak / Genuines:  Fifteen yards from the the starting line space 4 cones out by ~12 yds (4 parking spaces).  Cusak to each cone then perform a predetermined number of Genuines.  First round we started at 5 reps and increased the reps by 5 at each proceeding cone.  At the final cone, Cusak back to the start.  Partners switch roles.
Rinse and Repeat (x2)
Called an audible on the second set changed the rep count to 5, 5, 10, and 10.  YHC did not want to burnout the shoulders in the first routine.

Routine 2
Partner 1:  Peoples Chair
Partner 2:  Inverted Webb Jacks (IWJ):  This is a 1:4 ratio exercise with a cinder block performing four chest presses for every arm extensions.  On the high side of a curbed walkway lie flat with head resting on the curb and the body extended out perpendicular with the curb line. Start with the cinder block extended above the chest and slowly lower the block to a point level with or just behind your head keeping your arms straight. Return the block to the position above the chest then perform four chest presses. CAUTION:  Serious injury can occur if the participant allows the block to exceed the plane of the body.  Be especially careful on high curbs or other raised platforms greater than 6″ above the ground.
Round 1:  The first set of IWJ up to 5 arm extensions & 20 chest presses then partners switch roles.
Round 2:  The second set of IWJ from 6 to 10 arm extension & 40 chest presses then partners switch.
Rinse and Repeat

Routine 3
Partner 1: Kettlebell swings with the cinder block
Partner 2: Suicides using cones set up for Routine 1.
Partner switch after suicides.  Rinse and Repeat (x2)


  • Flutter Kicks x30IC
  • Heals to Heaven x20IC
  • LBC x20IC


The numbers were a little lower today due to the Apple Festival run later in the morning.  Several of our usual PAX were running in the 4 mile race.  YHC was proud of the work our group put in especially Hooker and Go Daddy.  Grills has now entered beast mode.  He will be ready for the Go RUCK!


Prayer requests for:  Whiff, Bollywood, Barndoor, Capo,  Ma Bell,

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