Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

15 PAX met in the 62 degree humidity at Arrowhead AO, blocks in hand.  The most attractive block was, of course, Clemson Orange with the attractive F3 logo on one side and the universally recognizable Tiger Paw on the other.

The Warm-Up

  • The motivator from 8
  • Through the tunnel X10
  • Merkins X10 (actually 20, if you want to get technical)
  • LBAC (forward) X10
  • LBAC (reverse) X10
  • Chinooks X10 (thanks Honeysuckle)
  • Hillbilly Walkers X10
  • Mosey one-quarter mile


  • Count off by three.  1s and 2s grad your block and head to the light pole.  3s head to the next light pole down the track (about 60 yards away)
  • 1s carry the block to the 3s
  • 2s will take their block and do the following:
  • Block overhead presses X10
  • Block curls X10
  • “Kettleblock” swings X10
  • When finished, head to the 3s location
  • While waiting on 1s to arrive, 3s will do the following:
  • Merkins X10
  • Squats X10
  • BBSUs X10
  • When three sets are completed, 3s take the block and head to the 2s
  • When 2s complete the Merkins, Squats and BBSUs, carry the block and head back to the other light pole.
  • All PAX will carry a block from station to station and complete the described exercises when they get there.  If there is not a block available to carry, rinse and repeat the sets until one is available and then carry it to the other station.
  • Complete as many cycles of 3 block exercises and 3 non-block exercises as possible in the allotted time.

The PAX finished out the last few minutes with flutter kicks X30 and American Hammers X10.  That was enough.

Donatello is still searching for 2 more for the Ruck Event.  Pay attention to announcements for Saturday as there may only be one at IronHorse.

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