Northeast Tennessee

NBA Balls to the Walls

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

0 °C. Sunrising, wispy clouds, and a laid back quartet of men. Basketballs claimed center stage.


  • Motivators from 7, 15 Arm Pretzels, 15 Rotations/Hip Swivels, 10 Willie Mays Hays, 15 Don Quixote’s, 20 Hillbilly Walkers, 15 Squats, 10 American Hammers


Partner Exercise 1

  • Chicago Bull runs (knee hug ball) 30 yds out and back
  • 60 GSWarrior burpees

Partner Exercise 2

  • One partner performs 2-handed Atlanta Hawks ball throws, runs to the ball, and Chicago Bull runs (knee squeeze) back to partner
  • 60 Combined Spurs Levitators (Canoes with ball on feet) 10 sec/ 5 sec rest
  • 100 Combined Rockets Merkins (lunge back on haunches between merkins, ball squeezed between knees)
  • 200 each Magic lunges (1/leg) weave ball under each lunging leg.
  • 300 Combined Pistons Squats (ball between knees). Partner performs Atlanta Hawks.
  • 60  Sacramento King sit ups (Ball on head)


  • 2 Indian Pacers passing drill laps Indian run style. Throw ball up and over head to person behind. Last person runs to front
  • 10 pickle pounders in cadence, but hold each in pound position for 10 sec.
  • 5 knee hugs for 10 sec each to stretch overused hamstring and backs


I found another UM alumnus in Matlock (Go Blue!).  It was a beautiful day to get out and be in God’s creation. The basketballs added a little novelty, and I’d do it again, if everyone would let me. I’ll know more tomorrow if it really did work on the adductors (inner thigh muscles).


Hotlips is running the Speedway in Lights 5K with his kids tonight. Have a magical time!

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