Northeast Tennessee

3-4 Defense

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Cold (28 degrees), clear, heavy frost.  Perfect morning for Honeysuckle to be on the Q.

The best defense against the cold when you are scantily clad is to keep moving.  3 PAX showed up and we kept moving for 4 miles.

Honeysuckle and Queen stretched hoping someone would come open the gate.  5:31 – Balk shows up and lets us in.  Honeysuckle provides disclaimer while we run the Ponzi lap.  Ponzi never shows so………

Suicide-burpee ladder.  Run a suicide stopping at each 10 yard line working up from 1 to 5 burpees upon return to the goal line each time.  After crossing the 50 yard line work back down to 1 burpee.  

Mosey to the skate park.  Tackle the hill.  Three trips up at 3/4 speed.  Back down the road to the corner and up the hill to the red light on John Exum.  Some Mary at the top waiting on the 6 because it was too cold to plank.  Back down the hill around the school (don’t try this without Balk) and back to the field.

Finish the morning at the track with some 200 m runs followed by 200 m mosey to recover.  Rinse and repeat until time is called.

CIRCLE OF TRUST – it was a moving circle back to the cars….
PRAYER – we did have a quick prayer
MOLESKIN – it was cold and Honeysuckle wasn’t prepared.  Queen had heard enough of him anyway.

This was a great example of why holding other men accountable is so valuable.  I did not want to be out running in 28 degree weather.  Balk and Queen pushed me and I pushed them.  I’m confident when I say that none of us would have worked as hard alone as we did together.

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