Northeast Tennessee

Hump Mountain

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was a frosty morning in the low-mid 30’s.  18 PAX braved the cold for a climb up Hump Mountain…..Hump Mountain is on the AT along the TN/NC line between Roan Mountain and Watauga Lake.  It has beautiful 360 degree views.  This Q was nothing like it.  There are no Monkey Humpers on Hump Mountain.  Although there are some goats there from time to time….

TTT X 10 (IC)

Abe Vigoda X 7 (IC)

WMH (10 count OYO-kind of)

Monkey Humpers (IC) X 20

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 17

LBACs (IC) X 20 reverse X 20, Chinooks X 7


Slaughter Starter

Jack Webb to 10

Lt. Dan to 5

Time to run the mountain

Around the track, Station 1 by the far bleachers began with 10 hand-release merkins, station 2 at the north goal post end brought 20 Monkey Humpers, rally point bleacher station 30 block curls and south goal post end of track was 40 flutter kicks (count each leg or 20 counting 1 leg only).  Back to station 1 for “the climb”.  Crawlbear up crawlbear hill to the sidewalk.  10 burpees was the surprise at the top.  Rinse and repeat until time is called.  (Most PAX completed 3 circuits) I drew a map to make sure I didn’t get messed up.  I can’t draw a map on this website, sorry.

No time today….
Phil 4:11 “…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” – The apostle Paul spoke often of contentment, something I personally struggle with often.  This is an easy time of year to get caught up in the commercialization of the season and see all the “stuff” or the families or the joy that everyone else has and be discontent with your own lot.  Just a reminder that we all struggle with this and everyone has their struggles, even if they don’t put them up on Fakebook.  Strive for contentment remembering there is always some worse off and typically someone better off as well.  In conclusion though, remember that complacency is not the answer to contentment.  Peace and joy are, despite the circumstance.
I think Donatello was talking about the next CSAUP event.  F3 NETN is going to pull an 80 HP tractor uphill or something like that… hand only per PAX…with paracord…no gloves allowed….  The pull-up challenge starts tomorrow, December 1st – GET ON THE SHEET!

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