Northeast Tennessee

Workout Pays Tribute to UT Volunteer Head Football Coaching Search

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

32 degrees, 10 PAX.  While it would be impossible to pay tribute to every coach who has turned down the Volunteers or rumored to have been associated with this debacle that is called the search for a new head football coach at the University of Tennessee,  this workout attempts to hit the highlights.  It was a tough workout, but not nearly as painful as watching this search for a new ball coach for the Big Orange.


  • Gruden Groiners x 20IC (a tribute to the kick in the Groin Gruden has given all Vol fans by not simply saying he is not interested)
  • Schiano Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC (PAX were expecting monkey humpers – sorry)
  • Gundy Groiners x 10IC (similar to the Gruden debacle, but not as painful because it didn’t last as long)
  • Mullet Motivators from 7 (We had to acknowledge how beautiful Gundy’s mullet would have been on UT’s sideline, 7 may not have been long enough)
  • Dave Doeren Don Quixotes x 15 IC (if you are thinking this is not very impressive, neither is Doeren)
  • Mosey 1 lap
  • Agilities
    • high knees
    • kareokes
    • kareokes in reverse
    • defensive slide
    • defensive slide in reverse
    • high skips

The Tee Martin from 17 – Tee is not being considered for the HBC at UT, but he should be.  He was QB at UT when they won their only Natty in the last 50 years.  He is OC at USC and running a successful top 10 offense.

  • Start with 17 Kiffin Knerkins.  Run to the other side of the parking lot and do 17 Lieutenant Dans.  Yes Lieutenant Dan turned down the Vols too.  Next round do 16, Next round do 15, and so on all the way to 1.


  • Brohm Baby Crunches x 20 IC (Jeff Brohm became a candidate, accepted the job, then turned down the job so quickly I forgot him in the warmups.)
  • Since Vol Fans all have a voice in this search (via protests and social media), PAX were given a voice in the Mary exercises.
  • Mudslide led heals to heaven x 15 IC
  • Grillz led Spurrier Sweat Angels x 15 IC
  • Doc Oc paid tribute to Derek Dooley with some Dooly I hate yous (similar to Doc I hate yous).

Kiwanis is sponsoring a Shopping Tour for local children at the Unicoi Walmart this Saturday.  Volunteers are desperately needed to meet there between 7:30 and 7:50AM to assist the children while shopping.  Our Saturday workout has been moved to 6AM to enable PAX to assist.

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