Northeast Tennessee

African Burpee-palooza

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

7 PAX (Daisy, LittleDebbie, Private, Sample, Scrum, Trolley & Wilbur) basking in the heat of a balmy 46 for Scrum’s VQ.
A light mosey of 3 Capri laps around the parking lot got legs and blood moving.

10 Angle Grinders were ground out with an occasional random count being offered.

10 by 4 x 4’s followed with more vague counting being thrown in.

The Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigan’s) were the performed while discussing how looney these must look to passes by. A better count of 10 on the right leg followed by a 10 count on the left leg had PAX starting to sway and wobble.

20 IC Through the tunnel finished out the warm-up after which we mosey’d on over to the band practice field for the African Burpee-palooza thang..

Simple theme and loosely based on the Bojangles Biscuit routine. I hate burpess so find as many different varieties of burpess to do, rinse and repeat.

Set up six stations around the outside of the band practice field. One on each side of the half way line and one at each of the four corners. Starting on the near side mid-way marker with station 1 and moving around the outside are stations 2 through 6 until back at the beginning. PAX remained together throughout this doing each station together as a group.

  • Station 1: 10 * Blockee – Burpee with a cinder block. Always holding the cinder block, do your burpee and when you stand back up complete an overhead press with the cinder block. You can jump and press if you are feeling froggy.
  • Station 2: 5 * 1-legged burpees (each leg) – Perform a regular burpee with one leg off the ground the entire time. Do 5 with the right leg on the ground and then do 5 with the left leg on the ground.
  • Station 3: 10 * PCMB’s (Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee’s) – Start standing, Drop to Plank, do 1 Merkin then bring your right knee in and back, do 1 Merkin then bring your left knee in and back, do 1 Merkin then bring both feet in and jump up = 1 PCMB complete. Try 10 of these. You’ll wish you could have stopped at 5.
  • Station 4: 10 * Body Builders – Essentially this is an 8 count Burpee, with a plank-jack added. (1) Squat down, (2) legs out, (3) down part of Merkin, (4) up part of Merkin, (5) out part of plank-jack, (6) in part of plank-jack, (7) feet to hands, and (8) stand up.
  • Station 5: 5 * SSH Burpees (Side Straddle Hop Burpees) – Perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops, then drop and do 1 Burpee. Back up and perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops, then drop and do 2 Burpees. Back up and perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops, then drop and do 3 Burpees. Back up and perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops, then drop and do 4 Burpees. Back up and perform 5 Side-Straddle Hops, then drop and do 5 Burpees.
  • Station 6: 10 * Burpo’s – A low burpee. Starting position is bottom of a squat. Then reach hands out to ground, legs fire back into a plank, chest to the ground, merkin, draw legs back into a squat, final position is the bottom of a squat. No standing up for the duration of the reps.

We completed 2 rounds of the African Burpee-palooza, followed by a one loop of the Bataan Death March (AKA Burpee catch me if you can Indian run) where all PAX got to Burpee and chase. We finished the loop with another group 5 Burpee set just for good measure. That was all we had time for this morning and so PAX carted the blocks back over to the parking lot.

If my calculations are correct, each PAX should have completed 150 burpees during the workout.
No time for any warm-down exercises this morning..
The thought shared this morning was that we are all surrounded by bad news and lots of ugly stuff going on. Each one of us can help change that by considering others first and being kind and courteous. We begin the change by affecting those around us and allowing the good to invade all the bad. I was told as a kid that it takes 10 good deeds/things to undo 1 bad deed/thing, so make sure your personal good count leaves you with a positive balance!!
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