Northeast Tennessee

The hills are alive with the sound of….*#^*!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

7:18ish (YHC came from PBS’s B-day Q at IronHorse this morning and arrived at 7:15 and waited a few minutes for other arrivals)


Grab your Coupon (block) and start a 5 Burpee Catch Me if You Can Indian Run around the track with Coupon held above head.  I think the Pax loved this.  We’ll have to do it again sometime.


  • TTT
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Seal Jacks (YHC needs to review the starting position)
  • IW
  • LBAC Fwd—>LBAC Rev—>Chinooks—>Shoulder Pretzels—->Moroccan Nightclubs.  (The Pax loved the length of this rotation after the block Indian Run.  And YHC just felt like he was typing up the first set of a Phish concert.)


  • Mosey to one end of the football field.  Partner up.  For the following three routines Partner 1 and 2 will flapjack and both complete then run to the other end zone and back.  Once back, plank for the six.  While running to the other side of the field, I asked the PAX to share something about themselves (Rudy said more embarrassing funny stories) so that we get to know one another more.  Each set of exercises will have new partners.
  1. Partner 1 BBSU x 25 while Partner 2 Planks (Flapjack then run to end zone and ‘Share’.  Aww…)
  2. Partner 1 Decline Merkins x 25 while Partner 2 Planks or tabletops for Partner 1 to put legs on back.  ( ” “)
  3. Hydraulics and Lunges x 15 together (” ” )
  • Mosey ‘Back to Burpback Mountain’…
    • Partner up.  Partner 1 will be at the bottom of Burpback Mountain doing Monkey Humpers while Partner 2 will Bernie Sanders up Burpback Mountain and do 5 Burpees at the top.  Mosey down and switch.  YHC had the crazy idea that we could do 100 cumulative burpees but alas time restraints limited us to 50.  Alternate Plank and Al Gore’s until the Six.
  • Mosey with Jelly Legs to Crawbear Hill.  Crawbear up.  Crabwalk down x 3.  5 was too many. 3 was enough.  So we stopped at 3.  And this left us time for some Mary.


  • Flutter Kicks x 15 arms under arse
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 arms extended out shoulder blades off grass
  • Absolution x 8 OYO.  YHC started and said 15.  This one sucks.  Again 8 was enough.
  • James Bond on Q’s Direction (Front/Left/Right)



YHC remembers Dread using the phrase, “Fatigue makes Cowards of Us All” during the Saturday workout during GrowRuck.  This can mean Physical fatigue, which YHC has tried to combat by not putting his hands on his hips or outwardly expressing other signs of fatigue.  This can also mean emotional fatigue or spiritual fatigue.  And when we’re fatigued, it’s not always easy to make the wise decision because we’re tired, angry, scared, uncertain….BUT we have a source for Strength.  God gives us physical, emotional, and spiritual strength if we ask and lean on him in faith.  Good work today gentlemen.  Let us continue to sharpen one another together.
I forgot.  I was too fatigued.

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