Northeast Tennessee

A Frozen Merkin Mile, with Blocks!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

11 PAX braved the 4 degree morning to post at Arrowhead. The shovel flag had to be leaned against the bleachers as the ground was too hard to plant it.  The PAX wanted to get moving because we felt like we would freeze in our tracks if we stood still too long. I am honored that we had more men than degrees on the thermometer.

  • Motivators from 8 IC
  • Merkins X10 IC
  • Willie Mays Hays X10 IC
  • LBAC X10, Reverse X10, Chinooks X10 IC
  • Shoulder Pretzels X10 IC, Micheal Phelps

THE THANG – A Frozen Merkin Mile with blocks

  • Grab your block and mosey to the left field foul pole
  • Squats X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the area behind home plate
  • Dips on the bleachers X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the wall at the end of track
  • Step-Ups on the wall, 10 each leg, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the school building
  • Walls sits X 1 minute, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the upper end of the traffic circle
  • Calf raises X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the pull-up bars
  • Pull-ups X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey to the octagon
  • Each PAX find a spot on the octagon, hand walking as a group around the octagon X2, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the corner of the school building
  • BBSU X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) to the first base dugout at the softball field
  • Squats X10, Merkins X10
  • Mosey (with block) back to the shovel flag, Merkins X10
  • Merkins total = 100, distance covered = 1 mile
  • Pair up, each PAX will carry 2 blocks to the center of the football field while the partner bear crawls, switch up and continue to the far sideline
  • Each PAX will perform 20 overhead block presses and 20 block curls
  • Repeat block carry/bear crawls back to the other sideline
  • Each PAX will perform 20 Monkey Humpers and 20 Plank Jacks
  • Rinse and Repeat back to the other sideline
  • Workout finished with 80-yard gassers (down and back) X3

This is a big year for the Thigpen Family.  Out oldest son begins Physician Assistant school on 1/8 and gets married in August.  Out youngest (only daughter) finishes high school and will go to Samford University in Birmingham (5&1/2 hours away), while our middle child begins his senior year at UT in the fall.  Big deal, big things that I could worry about.  I am reminded of 1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.  We all have great responsibilities that might weigh us down, if we let them.  1 Peter 5:7

Arrowhead PAX welcomed a FNG (Adam Habart), who got the EH from Jester and joined us on this frozen morning.  He and his wife have two daughters and considering his choice to have his first post in 4 degree weather, he has been given the F3 name of Elsa.  Seemed appropriate.  Welcome Elsa.

Sign up for empty dates this month.  Honeysuckle has the Q on 1/9.

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