Northeast Tennessee

The extended warmup

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

There were some doods. The doods worked hard. It was really cold – maybe 15 degrees, and windy, which this dood was not prepared for an was under-dressed. Therefore, we moved a lot to keep the Q from hypothermia.

The warmup was extended and active. We loved it!

Extended Warmup (all times plank on 6)

  • Mosey 1/2 track, LBAC x 10 IC, LBAC x 10 IC IR
  • Mosey 1/2 track, Merkins x10 IC
  • Mosey 1/2 track, TTT x 10 IC
  • Mosey 1/2 track, Motivator from 8
  • Mosey 1/2 track, Motivator from 9 due to Jester’s smartass comment
  • Mosey 1/2 track, 25 Jump squats
  • Mosey 1/2 track, 25 more jumps squats
  • Mosey to pull-up bars, 10 pull ups / body rows, 50 Travoltas, OYO, 10 more pull ups / body rows
  • Mosey to field, 60 LBAC on the 6

After becoming warmed up, we partnered up on the field. Seeing two doods and a block is like witnessing the opening scenes of a devil’s threesome – you know something regrettable is about to go down.

4 stations – 25, 50, 75, 100 yard

  • 25 Yard line: 1st partner bear crawls with the block to 25 yard line, while other partner runs ahead and does Burpees until the 1st partner arrives. Then do 150 WWI situps between the two of you.
  • 50 Yard line: switch partners with block/burpees. Then 150 Frog Kickers between the two of you
  • 75 Yard line: switch partners with block/burpees. Then 150 mountain climbers between the two of you (1 each leg)
  • 100 Yard line: switch partners with block/burpees. Then 150 Plank Jacks between the two of you
  • Bear crawl with your partner back to the 0 yard line with your block.
    T-claps to Gepetto for throwing my block the entire way back down the field as I was totally smoked. I’ll partner up with the big man anytime.

We did some elevator Merkins, some Boat/Canoe, and 40 Monkey Humpers (approximately 20 more Monkey Humpers than should ever be attempted in a row).
In a classic case of self-aggrandizement, I shared about myself. But I shared about how much the group of doods that make up F3 have really helped me to change my life for the better over the past year. You are all awesome, and all have contributed in large and small ways, but all ways are appreciated. Thank you.
Upcoming Jujitsu seminar. Some Arrowhead doods need to get on the Q. It’s not hard, and I don’t know why we are having a hard time filling up the sheets.

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