Northeast Tennessee

the Tombstone 200

Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

12 PAX gathered on a balmy 27 degree morning at the IH for some work.  Even though it was balmy, QIC had trouble getting the words out during warmup…

  • Motivator from IC from 7 (with lots of mis-steps from QIC)
  • Abe Vigoda, IC to 20
  • Hillbilly Walker, IC, to 15
  • Imperial Walker, IC, to 15
  • Slow Merkins, IC to 10
  • small loop lap at a brisk pace
    QIC was looking for something to keep PAX moving, incorporate sandbags, and utilize the hill – QIC called it, “the Tombstone 200”.
  • split into teams of 3 (each team consisted of 4 PAX)
  • Team would carry a sandbag to a workout station on way to top of Tombstone Hill
  • at each station, each PAX performed
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 20 Mountain Climbers (2 legs = 1)
    • 20 Starfish (started 2 legs = 1, QIC modified to 1 = 1 for obvious reasons)
  • total of 10 stops = 200 reps of each exercise – thereby the Tombstone 200
  • T-claps to team of Twilight, Swingline, and Cold-call for breaking the tape first.

Thang took longer than expected, after all teams completed 10 stations, only 3 minutes left so QIC didn’t get to do “stage 2” of Thang – will use next time.

to use remaining 3 minutes, QIC had PAX gather in tight circle with feet toward center.  PAX did Flutterkicks while passing sandbag around circle until time was called.

  • lots of need for prayer this past week and future for;
    • Penn-Segall and his friend who passed away this past week (see Slack for Gofundme page for the family)
    • Andrew Darlington (F3 Jake) who continues to recover from knee injury and fight of new health challenge
    • Continued recovery for family members of PAX (RiteAid, Swingline, sorry if I missed anyone else)
    • FIA members doing Ruck event this weekend.


  • on a personal note, QIC has never been very intentional about his belief in God, nor very “churchy”.  As a Pharmacy owner, its very easy to get side-tracked from what is really important and feel guilty about something I haven’t done.  F3 has been very good for me in helping me set better boundaries and I’ve committed to becoming more intentional about my belief in Christ and profession of Faith in 2018.  I thank God for the PAX of F3 NETN, and my membership in this special group.ANNOUNCEMENTS
  • GOMR prep and training (June 2nd running event)

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