Northeast Tennessee

You Can’t Even Begin To Understand

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

DATE:  Jan. 20, 2018
TIME:  0700




WARMUP  (Exercise w/ or w/o weight)

  • SQUATS (3 Count Hold) x20 IC
  • Merkins x15 IC
  • Lunges x10 IC
  • Hydraulics x15 IC
  • Hillbilly Squat Walker x15 IC
  • Carolina DryDocks x15 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC


Equipment:  Ruck with 25 – 40 lbs and a cinder block

Daily Grind:  Partner up.  Each group needs at least one ruck and two cinder blocks.

“Mom” – wear the ruck in the front while performing the listed exercises while

“Dad” – runs off to work (around the car poole median)

Partners switch after one lap (~1/8 mile).  If team has only one ruck, then Dad will carry a cinder block on the trip.

  • Dips AYG x2
  • Incline Merkins AYG x2
  • Pendulum Lunges AYG x2
    4 count exercise lunging forward (1), return to standing (2), backward lunge (3), and return to standing (4).  All on one leg for a single rep then switch legs
  • Overhead Presses w/ cinder block AYG x2
  • Kettlebell Swings w/ cinder block AYG (Not sure if anyone got to this exercise.  The PAX were getting smoked early)

It’s TIME!!!

Same partners.

“Dad” suicide sprints (or faster than mosey)

“Mom” Al Gore with the ruck in front while Dad is running.  Every time he returns to the start line Mom can stand for one count.

Switch partners, rinse and repeat x2.



25-40 lbs is the recommended weight gain during a typical pregnancy.  The rucks were worn in front to simulate a pregnant belly. The cinder block represented other kids that may still need attention.  The workout was inspired by my wife’s current condition 40 weeks in.  We only had to work out for one hour and most everyone was smoked half way through.  We would not make great mothers!



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