Northeast Tennessee

Lazy Morning in the Valley

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

8 PAX showed up in 23 degree weather for a shortcut to feeling accomplished for the day.

  • Through the Tunnel x15 IC
  • Squats (3 count hold) x10 IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10 IC
  • Motivator from 7
  • Rockette Hillbillies x12 IC
  • Burp’n’merk ladder from 1 to 7 and back to 1 OYO


YHC is feeling a bit under the weather with a persistent cough. Therefore, he wanted to leave the running to a Slugger or Cougar Q at a later date. Since we won’t be doing much running today, we partnered up for a a Lazy Dora:

  • Partner 1 held an Al Gore while partner 2 completed 30 squats. Switch. Continue for 5 sets (300 cumulative squats).
  • Partner 1 was on his six and held his feet 6 inches off the ground while partner 2 completed 20 LBCs. Switch. Continue for 5 sets (200 cumulative LBCs).
  • Partner 1 holds a plank while partner 2 completes 10 merkins. Switch. Continue for 5 sets (100 cumulative merkins).
  • Repeat starting with merkins, proceeding to LBC, and finishing with squats. Most groups were about half way finished with the squats when time was called.


  • Plank knee taps x16 IC
  • Fire hydrants x15 IC each leg
  • Sweat angels x15 IC
  • Boat/canoe


Welcome FNG Justin. He once soiled his pants due to some disagreeable dairy products while he was driving home. He undressed from the waist down on the front porch before going into his house only to find his brother (and roommate) entertaining a lady-friend. –> Full Monty –> Monty


Praise for Escape Hatch and his family welcoming a new little girl into the world. Prayers for Ma Bell, Penn-Seagal’s daughter, and Wilbur’s brother.



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