Northeast Tennessee

Plan “B” to survival

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)


15 Pax on a cloudy, 40 degree morning
Little arm circles and 5 count motivators to get it started.
1 lap of founders, trying to think on the go as to how this VQ could stay on track with 1/2 the amount of blocks needed.  More pondering as we lifted our spirits with Alphabet abs.   Plan “B” hit the VQer and we went with the blocks in tow to The Hill for a paired-up moving truck run and shared load of 200 merkins, 100 block curls,  100 block squats, 100 block swings, 100 block presses, and 20 burpees.  We walked back with our teammates, the long way, and carrying our blocks over our heads.  All the while, sharing a high and a low point of our week.  With time left, we did slowish burpees, boat canoes, squats, and monkey humpers.  Cadence was dicey.



There is truth to the saying “opportunity looks a lot like work.”  It takes a lot of work to wake up at 0430 or 0500.  It takes a lot of work to feel lactic acid before the sun rises. However,  look at the opportunity it has given us to grow in 3 different ways!   This VQer has been looking for something like f3 for years.  He’s glad he’s found it.

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