Northeast Tennessee

The Honcho Hustle- No Bueno

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

25 Brave Souls gathered in the somewhat warm 31 deg morning.
SSH (30) IC

This idea YHC was to enlist 6 of the newer PAX to assist with leading a group at each station. Maps w/ the workouts listed were given out and everyone was sent their merry way. The next part is were YHC went NO Bueno. 2 new exercises were meant to be introduced to the PAX. Merkin with Rolling Coupon Press and Alligator Merkins. Due to the heckling YHC was receiving this morning I failed to demonstrate said new exercises. Next on the majorly screwed list was a slight copy paste error where we had a pull up requirement, but no Pull Up Bars were available at this station. With frustrated mind we continued on to our station only to discover we had run out of time. Said routine below would require a 1 hr block of time. Duly Noted.

  • Station #1                                                               Station #2                                               Station # 3

    (10) Merkins- Rolling Press w/Coupon                   (10) Burpees                                           (15) Pull Ups/ Body Rows

    (20) Squats                                                              (20) Lunges                                             (15) Merkin w Roll Press

    (30) Flutter Kicks                                                     (30) Squat Jumps                                    (25) Flutter Kicks

    (40) LBCs                                                                 (40) Shoulder Pretzels                             (40) LBCs


    Station #4                                                            Station #5                                                      Station #6

    (10) Pull Ups or Body Rows                                 (10) Bernie Sanders to 1st Tree                  (10) Burpees

    (15) Merkins- Rolling Press w/Coupon                (20) Alligator Merkins                                (20) Squat Thrusters w/

    (30) Squats                                                            (30) Squat w/Coupon                                 (30) Flutter Kicks

    (40) Shoulder Pretzels                                          (40) LBCs                                                      (40) Shoulder Pretzels

– Ain’t go no time for Mary.
So everyone witnessed the calamity of errors that occurred this morning due to my lack of effective communication. I do apologize. This tends to carry over into other areas of life like home. As men we have all of this stuff bouncing around up there, but fail to get it all out when speaking. The error continues when we expect others to follow what we thought we had conveyed.  I’ve found that I can never over communicate at work, home, or with the PAX.

Till we meet again.

2 Spots are still Open for the Go Ruck Heavy in May.

Wilderness Road is picking up Thursday morning, and may need help with the Q.

Plenty of spots open to Q at Arrowhead

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