Northeast Tennessee

Everyone Can Lead

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

17 Pax decides that the 32 degree temperature would not stop them from holding each other accountable.

The Motivator from 7


The Q had the Pax count around so everyone had a number. They were to remember their number, because that was the order they were going to Lead the group. The point of this workout is two fold. 1. To get a workout, and 2. To see how the other Pax would take the lead.

The QIC was number 1, grabbed the flag and started to jog with Pax in tow. Once the Q had ran for a little bit the objective was to stop and lead the Pax in 3 exercises in Cadence to 15.  Once complete, the next Pax would take the lead, flag in hand and jog until they were ready to lead the exercises. The lead could go wherever the wanted to lead the Pax.

The exercises were predetermined as follows:

  • Merkins
  • BBSUs
  • Squats

No need for Mary today!
After reading Freed to Lead I realized that leading a group, or business or a community is hard. As Dredd found out when first assigned to lead PT in the Army. He was humbled by how he could not lead the men in the best way that his leader could. But his sergeant knew that training up his men was possible and that repeatedly doing and getting out in front of the group was what it takes to make leaders not only good but great.

That is the “Why” of the mission of F3, to invigorate men to Lead in their communities. But to do it well we must practice to become great. We must get out in front of each other and lead!

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