Northeast Tennessee

A Sunny Saturday – Had forgotten how handsome the Men of Wilderness Road were till I saw them in the Daylight!! 3-3-2018

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Sunny – Started in the 30’s but ended in the 40’s.  Great Day with views of the Mountains!  6 PAX including one FNG EH’d by Sample.  Will be named when he can stay for full workout. His words “I am not fat but I am still out of shape!”  50 total Merkins IC for Day.
SSHx15, TTTx15, Mt Climbersx 10, SSHx 10, Merkinsx10IC, Abe Vigodax10,
Mosey Twice around Parking Lot.  Take Blob to Band Practice Field

One Pax carry’s Blob around perimeter of Practice Field 360 yds.

Remaining Pax start ladder 5 squats at end of field,  run to the 20 yd line do 5 jump squats and run back do 5 squats then run to 40 yd line to 5 jump squats.  Continue till Blob Returns and is passed to next man.  Repeat till all have carried Blob.  Switched to Mt. Climbers and Merkins half way through.

Then mosey to stairs below track.

Bucket Brigade with Blob up and down steps double time.

Deconstructed Burpees starting at 10 and worked way down.  Modified to include 5 Merkins IC with each series for total of 50 Merkins IC.

Double Time back to Parking Lot.

50 Crunches, 50 BBSU’s, 50 Flutter Kicks.
PRAYER – FNG shared that friend/family member with 60 month old twins diagnosed with breast cancer, Renaissance Man’s M having hand surgery Tuesday.
Credo of Leave no Man Behind but Leave no Man where you found him was discussed.  Shared about getting to Post in Hickory NC where they showed NO RESPECT for old guys!!  Wilbur encouraged all to think about and find a guy or two that needed F3 for the exercise, the brotherhood, the friendship bonding etc.

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