Northeast Tennessee

It’s called The Hill for a reason

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

6 runners and a couple of ruckers met on this cold March morning.

DISCLAIMER – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian

A little stretching to and a warmup lap then…

Run around toward the middle school on the black top. Easy pace. We’re all able to talk. YHC had intentions of hill repeats on Pactolas but decided Cujo’s master didn’t really have good control of the leash so we moseyed on around to Pepsi Hill. 5 sets of up-downs. Mosey on to Skate Park – start at the bottom then up to top and back down, up 2/3 back down, up 1/3 back down up to top. Back to track and Donatello on the stairs and a cool down lap (or 2 if you’re Honeysuckle)


Countarama – 8


PRAYER – Kardashian

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