Northeast Tennessee

EMOM Madness

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Seven men found their way to the 2nd official Thursday at Wilderness Road. Good to see Tutu back among the men.
PRAYER—skipped it, work to do.
Rolling start warm-up. Mosey to the band field

  • High knees (20 yards & back)
  • Butt kickers (20 yards & back)
  • Carioca (40 yards & back)
  • Side lunge (10 years & back)
  • 100 yard stride run & back


I’m a big fan of the burpee/merkin ladder. A solid trip up to 10 and back down (because we are men) is a nice smoker. Given the need/desire to make sure the Wilderness Road PAX received their appropriate amount of merkins for the monthly challenge—YHC decided to try the burpee/merkin ladder—with IC merkins. We made it to 7 and back down for a total of 49 IC merkins in a very short window.

Mosey over to the backside of the school.

20 Minute Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM). Alternating between:

  • 7 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 5 IC merkins/15 OYO squats

EMOM’s will sneak up on you—especially a 20 minute one.

That’s another 50 IC merkins for a total of 99

Mosey back to the parking lot with 2 stops for additional IC merkins as a group (10 IC both times, with a total of 119 IC merkins)

In the parking lot run to opposite side -> IC merkins -> rinse and repeat until we reached 155 total IC merkins for the day.

YHC doesn’t do Mary, we do burpees or merkins to finish.

Strong work by the Wilderness Road PAX. We completed a respectable number of merkins, but also 150 squats, 70 burpee box jumps, and some moseying in the process.

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