Northeast Tennessee

No 6’s today

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

A perfect 34° morning for 16 pax to post for a second F focused intentional workout.

mosey to turn 1: 15 SSH IC, 5  merkins IC

mosey to turn 2: 10 Willy May’s hays IC, 5 merkins IC

mosey to mid point 10merkins IC

mosey to turn 3: 15 HBW’s IC, 5 merkins IC

mosey to turn 4: 10 windmills IC, 5 merkins IC

mosey to starting point 10 merkins IC
Grab block and mosey to front of school and circle up

Rd 1 & 3

10 blurpees

20 curls

30 squats

40 flutter kicks

Rd 2 & 4

10 merkins IC

20 shoulder press

30 kettle bell swings

40 little baby crunches

in between rounds pax run to top of hill and perform 5 merkins IC

YHC wanted to demonstrate to the pax 2 things. 1) pax is both singular and plural (kinda like the word deer), and that we workout as individuals but also with and for each other. So today we would all stay together and that no prizes would be awarded for finishing reps early.  2) q’ing doesn’t have to be complicated and that simple repetition can be your friend.
Great words of encouragement and support from PBS to urge other fellow pax to jump on the q sheet for March.

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