Northeast Tennessee

Not your Grandma’s Monopoly

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

10 Men rolled out for a 40 degree beautiful Iron Valley Morning


Windmills-10 I.C.

LBAC-(Sobriety Style) 10 I.C.

LBAC in reverse-(Sobriety Style) 10 I.C.
The PAX showed up to a ready set Monopoly board set on half of a soccer field.  Spit into groups of 3/3/4 we set out from go rollingdice to determine our next move. Each property had an exercise associated with it.

Mediterranean Avenue- Lateral hop- Jump over cylinder with feet together. x20

Community Chest- Run to the middle sound the air horn lead Merlin’s I.C. x10

Baltic Avenue- Goofballs- x10

Income Tax- Mosey a lap of the board

Reading Railroad- Side straddle hop jumps- x10 I.C.

Oriental Avenue- Imerial Walker- x10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card- perform the exercise

Vermont Avenue- Mountain Climbers-x 10 I.C.

Connecticut Avenue- Crab Humpers(Pickle Pounder) x 15 I.C.

Jail- Prisioners- x10 I.C.

St. Charles Place- Lunge to the Cylinder and back

Electric Company- Lt. Dans- 10 I.C.

States Avenue- Alphabet- Spell what state you were born in

Virgina Avenue- Rockette Hillbillies- 8 each leg

Pennsylvania Railroad- Side Staddle Squats- x10 I.C.

St. James Place- Big Boy sit-ups- x 10 I.C.

Community Chest- Sound the Air horn- Lead merkins x 10 I.C.

Tennessee Avenue- Alabama butt-kickers-  x 10 I.C.

New York Avenue- Slinky- to the cylinder and back

Free Parking- Plank for 30 seconds

Kentucky Avenue- Hillbilly Walkers- x 10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card, do the exercise

Indiana Avenue- 180 Jump Squats

Illiniois Avenue- Bear Crawl to middle and back

B&O Railroad- Side Straddle Hops- x15 I.C.

Atlantic Avenue- Crab Cakes-  x 10 I.C.

Ventor Avenue- V-up x 10

Water Works- Fire Hydrants 15 Each Leg

Marvin Gardens- Copperhead Squats- x 10

Go To Jail- Sprint to jail, do the prisioner to get out, sprint back

Pacific Avenue- Dive Bombers- x 10

North Carolina Avenue- Squat into a one footed Jump- Dukie into a Tar-heel x 10 each leg

Community Chest- Sound the air horn, lead merkins I.C. x 10

Pennsylvania Avenue- Frankenstein’s to cylinder and back

Short Line Railroad- Smurf Jacks- x 10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card, perform the exercise

Park Place- Peter Parker’s- x 10

Luxury Tax- Diamond merkins- x 10

Boardwalk- Broad Jump over cylinders and back

Go- Free roll no exercise
Big boy sit-ups- x 10

LBC-x10 I.C.

Flutter Kicks- x 10 I.C.

Merkins I.C. x 10

Merkins I.C. x 10
Great workout from these men. Had two FNG’s

Dylan Jordan 34 from Iva, SC F3 Name Bed Bug
David Good 55 Jonesboro, TN F3 Name Red Ryder

Pancake Breakfast- See Doc Ock or Floppy Disk for info and tickets

Mens Conference- Evergreen FWB Erwin 3-16 Evening 6-8

3-17 morning 9-12

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