Northeast Tennessee

Merkins and More…much more

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

An abnormally low 4 PAX descended on Arrowhead ready to put in some work. With March Merkin Madness in full swing, all in attendance knew merkins would be on the menu along with some other fun. 43 degrees with off and on rain was the perfect weather to keep it interesting.
Merkin – 10 IC

TTT – 10 IC

Merkin – 5 IC

WMH – 10 IC

Merkin – 5 IC
6 stations were setup around the railroad tie wall at the far end of the Arrowhead track/field. PAX broke into groups of two. Workout was 2 to 2 1/2 minutes AMRAP at each station followed by a trip to the wall for 5 each of IC merkins, IC incline merkins, and IC decline merkins. Goal was to rotate through each station twice by the end of the workout. Stations were as follows:

  • Station 1 – Tire Flip Burpees – Partner 1 flips the tire followed by 1 burpee, then partner 2 does the same. AMRAP
  • Station 2 – 20 yard sprint – Partner 1 sprints down and back, followed by partner 2. AMRAP
  • Station 3 – Bear Crawl Triangle – Cones were setup in a triangle. Bear crawl to the first cone, crawl bear to the next cone, and then side bear crawl to the starting cone. AMRAP
  • Station 4 – Agility Ladder – Quick feet in and out of each rung all the way down the ladder. AMRAP
  • Station 5 – Medicine Ball  – Standing back to back, PAX pass the 15lb medicine ball around their torsos. AMRAP
  • Station 6 – Core – 15 American Hammers followed by 15 Heels to Heaven. AMRAP

2 rounds were accomplished with all merkins complete with 5 minutes remaining. 10 more IC merkins seemed to be in order. 210 IC merkins complete. This was a smoker workout which will be recycled so more can enjoy.


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