Northeast Tennessee

Historic Downtown Tour

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

32 and snow to start ended clear and still cold. 12 Pax rolled in for a tour of downtown JC including an important historic site for YHC’s 50th b-day

DISCLAIMER – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian
Pax expected 50 reps of different exercises but it was a little more basic.

  • SSH X 25 IC
  • DQ X 10 IC
  • IW X10 IC
  • TTT X10 IC
  • Mericans X5 IC
  • Grab the flag and…

Let’s mosey.. Run to a few spots then stop for Mericans (IC), abs, and legs

  • Kings Commons Park – (mericans -10 , bbsu, squats)
  • Library – lower wall – (incline mericans – 10, lbcs, box jumps)
  • Asbury Center Parking Lot (Note: See Below) – (hand release Mericans -10, lunges, flutter kicks)
  • Munsey upper parking lot – (Mericans – 10, jump lunges, box cutters)
  • Girls Inc. (this hill NEVER gets easier) – (Mericans – 5, slow squats, flutter kicks)
  • Munsey upper parking lot – (Mericans – 10, squats, bbsu)
  • Library entrance – bear crawl up first two flights of stairs, crawl bear up last set

CIRCLE OF TRUST – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian
YHC woke up a year older; really a day older but there was a new number (respect?). I’m in the best shape of my life and not growing complacent in my health due to the accountability of the Pax of F3NETN.

In our workout today, we stopped at the parking lot of the old JC Memorial Hospital where YHC was born 50 years ago today. The actual building has been razed, but, it’s still an important historic site.

I want to thank the men of F3NETN for keeping me young and able to be there for my family in a way I might not be otherwise.

Thursday night – 9PM 3rd F at Main Street Pizza – topic TBD

Saturday – 2-4PM 2.0s at Heritage Baptist gym for BBall – play and watch/snacks – bring some

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