Northeast Tennessee

Where two or more are gathered……

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

29 Degrees, partly cloudy with a gentle yet caressing breeze…….
DISCLAIMER  – Wilbur still ain’t no professional and he proved it again today!
PRAYER – Wilbur
25 SSH IC, LBAC FWD 15, BKWD 10, Mt. Climbers – 15 IC, Shoulder Pretzels – 15

Mosey to bottom of hill below Stadium, dropping of sledgehammers part of way down.  1 Ruck made it all the way down.
DORA 1 – 2 – 3

1 Pax Starts working on 100 IC (50 ea)  Mericans, 200 BBSU & 300 Squats. while other runs to top of hill to athletic building and back to trade positions.  YHC thought it would be fund to do this while wearing a ruck. After a few trips up the hill and a couple or rounds of mercs he found out differently and the ruck watched from the sidelines till DORA was done with her fun.

Mosey back up hill to school building where tractor tires are stored by school.

Pax 1 flips tire 5 times one direction and 5 back while partner pounds tire with his choice of of 10 or 16 # sledge hammer.  Two rotations of this fun.  Mr. Ruck made his presence known during each lift up of tire flip.

Return to Parking Lot – 10 IC Mericans for a total of 60 for the day.

Wilbur talked about the importance of taking time to listen to what God may be trying to tell you.  Many of us have jobs and family responsibilities where we are required to take charge, lead and direct others around us.  But sometimes we need to remember we are still His Child and we need to listen to what he has to tell us.  It may be words of love, comfort and blessing or it may be words of correction and reprimand where we have erred.   Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given.  This goes better when we ask what he wants of us, not just what we want of him.  OUCH!
PRAYER – Prayers for those in the community we need to be reaching who need what F3 has to offer them.

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