Northeast Tennessee

One needs consent to merkin over a worm

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

4 pax descend upon Arrowhead on a cool 42° and slightly damp morning.

Another kinetic warmup. Mosey to turn 1.

15 SSH IC. 5 merkins IC: mosey to turn 2

10 Willy May’s hays IC. 5 merkins IC. Mosey to mid track

10 merkins IC. (This is where Phat Pat decided it would be inconsiderate to do a merkin over a worm on the track, so he shifted a bit to his right. YHC just thinks he was a bit grossed out).

Mosey to the playground to find 5 cones placed 4 parking spaces  apart.

Round 1:  run to each cone and back to starting line completing 5 IC merkins per cone. Total of 25 merkins

Round 2: jog to cone 1 and complete 10 merkins, then 5 pull ups.  Rinse and repeat for all 5 cones. Total of 50 burpees and 25 pull-ups

Round 3: jog to cone 1 for 20 squats back to starting point for 20 heels to heaven. R&R for all 5 cones

lunge walk from cone to cone and stop at each cone for 2 IC merkins for total of 10. Mosey back to track.

Pax take off for 1 lap jogging the straits and sprinting the turns


Frog kicks

american hammers

little baby crunches

boat canoe

elevators (for you Rudy)

hello Dollys
As YHC was making his way to the track to wait for the arriving pax he was greeted by a very enthusiastic bearded man carrying a shovel flag. “Hi I’m Phat Pat from Memphis and I’m here to coQ”.  This post was definitely made better by our guest today, especially when YHC quickly realized that his doppelgänger had been found…if only Donatello could have been there to experience 2 of us!

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