Northeast Tennessee

Hidden Pain

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Cold—dang it winter—you are drunk, go home.
PRAYER—skipped it to demonstrate that prayer is not a requirement before the workout.
Rolling start -> mosey around track to corner 1 -> SSH (10 IC) & LBAC (10 IC) -> mosey to corner 2 -> Imperial Walkers (10 IC) & Windmills (10 IC) -> mosey to corner 3 -> Merkins (10 IC) & Squats (10 IC) -> mosey to corner 4 -> Hillbilly Walkers (10 IC) & Through the Tunnel (10 IC).
Mosey towards the playground, stopping mid way for another set of 10 IC Merkins. Mosey to the pull-up bars.

Pull-Up Pyramid

  • 1 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 2 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 3 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 4 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 5 pull-ups (10 sec rest)
  • 6 pull-ups (10 sec rest)
  • 7 pull-ups (15 sec rest)
  • 6 pull-ups (15 sec rest)
  • 5 pull-ups (15 sec rest)
  • 4 pull-ups (10 sec rest)
  • 3 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 2 pull-ups (5 sec rest)
  • 1 pull-up (5 sec rest)

Total of 49 pull-ups

Mosey around the school. The PAX thought they knew where we were headed. However YHC and Jobs discovered a hidden gem behind the bushes near the school entrance. Arrowhead is a great AO, but the only thing that is missing—something to jump on. We found that something. A knee high wall just big enough for the 13 PAX to experience some pain.

EMOM Couplet

  • Round 1: 7 Burpee Box Jumps
  • Round 2: 5 IC Merkins followed by 15 Squats (OYO)

Rinse and repeat for 16 rounds or 8 full rotations. T-claps to Honeysuckle for completing all 8 rounds with a weighted vest.

Mosey back to the flag.


  • Merkins (5 IC)
  • LBC (10 IC)
  • Supermans (10 IC)
  • Merkins (10 IC)

Talked to the guys a little bit about the Faith component of F3. We cast a wide net. We are open to men of all faiths or men of no faith. If you have a desire to live for something other than self—that’s faith to us. While many of us express leadership through a Christian orientation that manifests itself through prayers and short devotionals at the end of the COT. While those things are welcomed and encouraged, they are not a requirement to participate in or lead an F3 workout. We want as many guys coming out and putting the work, building a transformative community of men.

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