Northeast Tennessee

It was Double Coupon Day at Wilbur’s Q-Mart in Kingsport conveniently located on the Wilderness Road!

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

3 Men showed up on a warm morning striving to be High Impact Men!
SSH x 15, TTT x 10, LBAC fwd/bkwd/ovhd x 25, Mercs IC x 10, LBC x 10, BBSU x 10, Abe Vigodas x 10, Mercs IC x 10

Everyone picked up about 60 # of Coupons and moseyed down to the track.  Dropped our toys at the gate and hit the track for the Merican Mile – run 1/8 mile drop and do 6 IC Mercs, continue this till 1 mile has been run and 48 Mercs have been done.

Next up was the blue blob hill run/slog.  1 PAX carries 60# blue blob up hill and back down, while other members did curls with 30# dumb bells and Block Press and or Kettlebell Swing.  When PAX 1 returned coupons were passed around.  At the end of each rotation 10 IC Mercs were enjoyed.  Somewhere in the gloom YHC received hearty butt slap from an anonymous member of the PAX.  No one confessed but he highly suspected @little Debbie because as we all know that paybacks are ………. well you know what.

When the bell rang at 6:10 we picked up coupons and headed back up hill to finished the day with Merks for a total of 100.
CIRCLE OF TRUST  3 PAX Turned out.

PRAYER  – Wilbur shared that his brothers cancer treatments were not working and requested prayer for the family.

April is wide open, please sign up for a Q or Two!  Especially on Thursdays and Saturdays of you come then as we generally have plenty for Tuesdays.

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