Northeast Tennessee

Happy Birthday Iron Valley

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0700
TEMP: 37 Degrees


  • Merkins x20IC  (How else should the Merkin Champions start a warmup)
  • LBAC x20IC, Cherry Pickers & Dropping them in the bucket, Shoulder Pretzels x20IC, LBAC x20IC (Rev)
  • Merkins x10IC  (oh, yes he did)
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x20IC
  • Side Straddle Hop x20IC
  • TTT x10IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x15IC



Field Day:

The PAX split into two groups East and West.  Once the the groups the PAX paired off.

Partner 1:  Decline Merkins x20 (4 count)
Partner 2:  Imperial Squat Walkers x20 (4 count)
Partners Switch
Upon Completing the exercises run to the opposite side of the field

Rinse and Repeat


Monkey Humpers x20 IC (4 count exercise)


Four Corners:  Each exercise location was rotated every 5 min.

  • Iron Horse
    Partner Carry 100yds.  Everytime the carried partner is set down both partners do 10 Merkins.
    Rinse and Repeat
  • Iron Valley
    Top of the hill 5 merkins, Bear Crawl Down, 5 merkins, Crawl Bear Up
    Rinse and Repeat
  • Arrow Head
    Block Burpee x10 and Inverted Row x10
    Rinse and Repeat
  • Wilderness Road
    Tire Flips and Lunge Walk in between
    Rinse and Repeat


The original members and FNG’s from APRIL 1st Erwin Kickoff lead the Mary:

Slugger:  Freddie Mercuries x25IC

Hawkeye:  Flutter Kicks x25IC

Chunk: Sweat Angels x20IC

Go Daddy:  Don’t Remember. Let’s say LBC x20IC.

Floppy Disk:  Alphabet OYO

Escape Hatch:  Peter Parkers x20 IC

Doc Ock:  “Doc I Hate You” x3 (three count hold)



(David Good’s Son: Place Name here) >> 18 yrs >> Senior >> Going to Tennessee>> Dooley >> Kiffin >> Butch >> Brick-By-Brick >> B3

(Grillz lackey: Place name here) >> Wanted a tatoo of some Indian (dot not feather) dude >> Lead to other Indian dudes names (I was totally lost) >> Lotus >> Chakra >> Shakira


It has been one year of blood, sweat, and even a few tears in Iron Valley.  As a group we celebrated six babies born and morned the loss of parents and family members.  We comforted those that were hurting and we were there when a brother was down.  I am truly humbled by the ways that God, creator of heaven and the earth, chooses work in each of our lives. He has given us what we needed though not necessarily all that we wanted.  For YHC, F3 has been a blessing and I hope that it has been to the men of Erwin.



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