Northeast Tennessee

Tour de JC episode 2

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Will not mention anything about the weather because it is optional.  Picking up where we left off, 11 PAX were present for the conclusion of the Tour de JC started a few weeks back
Side Straddle Hops IC x 30, TTT IC x 13, Merkins IC x 10, stair lap on your own, Abe Vigoda IC, LBACs IC, Imperial Walkers IC, and finally All Day Merkins on your own x 10.

Mosey to Munsey Mountain stopping at every stop sign to do 10 Merkins and do burpees at every red stop light until they turn green.

The idea here was to start at the bottom of MM, do 2 Merkins then run to Girls Inc at the top and do 20 squats, run back down and do 4 Merkins, then back up 18 squats. RR in that pattern until finished or time’s up. QIC reflected long and hard on this plan during the first trip up the hill and decided to modify by declaring that the top of Munsey’s parking lot was a much better location for Girls Inc, therefore, all subsequent assents were to be terminated near the little tree at the top of the parking lot.

Once time came, PAX moseyed back to founders following the afore mentioned guidelines and arrived with just enough time to enjoy Mary.

American Hammers OYO X 30

Baby Crunches OYO X 30

Flutter Kicks OYO X 30

Plank while QIC goes to car to get phone.

Remember that things are not always as they seem on Google Maps.

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