Northeast Tennessee

Cintas Thursday

4 PAX enjoyed humid and muggy morning. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Warm up included Motivators, Through the Tunnel, Matt Biondi, Ab Vigoda, Arm Circles, and Mosey around parking lot. THE THANG Five down and back Escalators with Cintas trucks mixed into work!! Finished off with Mosey, to borrow nice brick wall

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foggy, warm, damp, beautiful. 7 pax, not beautiful. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP imperial walkers, merkins, hillbilly walkers, little baby arm circles, sumo squats, dynamic stretching – high knees, butt kicks, high kicks, over/under fence, close gate, open gate, karaoke, sprintt THE THANG used =rand() function in ms excel to generate a

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Combos and Core Work

18 PAX descended on Arrowhead ready to put in some work on a perfect 64 degree morning. Typical mumblechatter ensued from the usual suspects. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP The customary Arrowhead Jester butt slap has become akin to the striking of the gavel in a courtroom calling the Q to order. TTT –

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