Northeast Tennessee

Oh crap, not the no mercy mile

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

8 brave and manly pax made the tough decision to not fartsack and post for a mildly humid, 60° boot camp that didn’t begin till 0715 (please be sure to note the implied sarcasm). One of them even knew what was about to be bestowed upon them, and he posted anyway. Another said “oh crap” when YHC announced the No Mercy Mile would be the crux of the workout.
Jog to turn 1: motivator from 5, Willy mays hays x10 IC

Jog to turn 2: little baby arm circle F & R x10 IC, merkins x10 IC

Jog to turn 3: imperial walkers x10 IC, windmills x10 IC

Jog to turn 4: hillbilly walkers x10 IC, Shoulder pretzels x10 IC
No mercy mile: (I’ve heard this is defiantly a pax favorite and a super duper fun workout to participate in…only wish Queen could have been there since I know bear crawls are his favorite).  Pax begin at midpoint of front stretch on track and jog to turn 1: bear crawl to turn 2.  Jog to midpoint of back stretch perform 25 merkins.  Jog to turn 3: lunge to turn 4.  Jog to starting point perform 25 squats.  That’s 1 lap, complete 3 more. For those counting at home that’s 400 yards of bear crawls, 400 yards of lunges, and 100 merkins and squats each.  All while completing a mile

Pax split up in pairs  lined up approx 30 yards apart.  Partner 1 holds a plank for 30 secs while partner two completes exercises.  After 30 sec count partner 1 runs to partner 2 to continue where 2 left off ( like a Dora). Round 1 American hammers and heels to heaven. Round 2 crunches and flutter kicks.  Round 3 frog kicks and Mtn climbers. All exercises were done to 75.

Reminded pax that the no mercy mile is often like life. There’ll be times when people are by your side.  And they’ll be times when you are alone, all while struggling through tough times. But to keep in mind that we aren’t alone and to seek God first and not get lost in your “aloneness” during struggles.

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