Northeast Tennessee

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkey…I promise.

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0700



  • SSH x 30IC
  • Merkins x10IC
  • Squats x20IC
  • Abe Begota x15IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10IC
  • LBAC x15IC & Reverse


Pair up to perform the exercises.

There are two stations with two exercises to perform; twice.

1st Station

Hanging leg lift:
Hang from pull up bar
Keep legs straight
Lift legs to the perpendicular
Hold for an eight count (or longer)
Return to hanging position
Modify:  If eight count cannot be achieved, the perform leg lifts single count.

Flap Jack Webbs
Need six cinder blocks made into two stacks.  Each stack consists of two blocks forming the base and the third for height is perpendicular to the base.  The stacks are separated a little wider than shoulder width apart.

The exercise is Jack Webb style exercise with incline merkins and dips.  1 merkin : 4 dips.  Transition between merkins and dips is accomplished by tucking the legs and swinging the legs through.  Exercise performed to a count of six merkins.

Partners switch when the Flap Jack Webbs are completed.  Each exercise is performed twice.  On the second round, YHC modified the Flap Jack Webbs to just Flap Jacks to a count of 15 reps.  Incline Merkins and Dips (1:1).

2nd Station

Hero Pickle Pounders:

  • Shoulders resting on a bench sheet or bleacher seat.
  • With feet under knees, lift abdomine to make a straight line between shoulders from knees to shoulders (starting position)
  • Perform eight pickle pounders
  • Hold the starting position for eight seconds
  • Rinse and repeat

Big Boy Situps and Monkey Shuffle

  • Eight BBSU
  • Eight Monkey Shuffles.
    I saw may son perform this in karate class.
    The exercise can be found on YouTube
  • Rinse and Repeat.
  • The rounds are gated by the BBSU and monkey shuffle exercise.  The PAX will monkey shuffle from the infield sideline to the other side of the field and back.
  • On the second round, PAX only crossed the field one way doing monkey shuffles and ran back to the start.


  • LBC x25IC
  • Heals to Heaven x20IC


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