Northeast Tennessee

Field of Bad Dreams

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

21 PAX descended on Arrowhead for a twist on America’s favorite pastime. The balmy 70 degree morning would up the calorie burn.
Merkin – 10 IC

TTT – 10 IC

WMH – 10 count each side

LBAC – 10 IC

LBAC Reverse – 10 IC
QIC had been eyeing the baseball field for several weeks and what better day than today. Each base was assigned 1 move per round with a total of 4 rounds planned. PAX were divided into teams of 4. 1 PAX per team started at each base and home plate. On the call to start, each PAX 1st-3rd base would start the assigned move AMRAP until relived by his teammate. The PAX at home plate would perform 20 burpees and sprint to 1st base where he would relieve his teammate. His teammate on first base would then bear crawl to 2nd base to relieve the next teammate. The 2nd base teammate would crawl bear to 3rd base to relieve the next teammate, who would Bernie Saunders to home plate and begin his 20 burpees. Everyone on the team stayed on Round 1 until the PAX who started was back to home plate. Moves were as follows:

First Base – AMRAP

Round 1 – Merkin

Round 2 – Shoulder Tap Merkin

Round 3 – Wide Merkin

Round 4 – Diamond Merkin

Second Base – AMRAP

Round 1 – Block Curls

Round 2 – Block Shoulder Press

Round 3 – Block Rows

Round 4 – Block Swings

Third Base – AMRAP

Round 1 – Block Squats

Round 2 – Block Lunge

Round 3 – Block Sumo Squat

Round 4 – Block 3 Count Squat

We completed approximately 3 rounds which was slightly better than QIC predicted. Strong work by the PAX!

The Boilermaker is coming……

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